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Thread: red wires weird issue? resolved.

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2012-02-11 22:39:30
red wires weird issue? resolved.
Ok so this was weird,and before this morning never had this problem, so wondering if it is the wires? I put in the ultra reds i got from jerban this morning, car started and ran fine, went around the block a few times and felt very good.

Well a few hours later, i needed to run to toys r us to get a b-day present, got on freeway and felt a lil kick in the rpms...didnt think much of it, got off freeway, went in, came out and left....and then the car started bucking, idle getting eratic, acting up, trying to die so i pulled off, checked the plug wires and no issues, everything is good...

So i drive home like this, its getting worse, pulled into my house and pulled off the plugs, put back on the ngk wires and everything is fine? Put back on the ultras and issues again? I kind of have a frankenstein distrubutor (as josh puts it) that we put together to work for the b14 with the ve. Could it be having issues when warmed up with the ultra red wires? Just seems weird, because i know the wires work fine, they did this morning? Any help would help.
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2012-02-11 23:01:46
I have had a similar issue with the ultra wires but it was due to a plug not being fully seated on the dizzy. Made my car sound like a scoobie.
2012-02-11 23:03:51
Hmmm. I may pull the wires back on and check connection again, but everythign was on really tight. If they keep acting up on my car, probally going to sell them, least i know i can get some good money out of them ....just sucks because i really wanted to use them on the car lol.
2012-02-12 01:56:04
So took her for a drive with red wires on again....No problems going to baskin robbins, about 10 miles. Then putted around on the way home, had no problems till about a mile away from home, then felt her studder again, and studdering idle.....So i pulled into a church parking lot, shut off the car..Messed with the wires, turned it on and heard nothing...Kept her idling and pulled some wires and it soes sound like their loosing connection at some point? See heres the thing..

My motor is vibrating alot, i got new mounts, but they need to be put in when lynch has time to help (i mean do it all as i sit there on my lil stool) Im wondering if its vibrating them loose? so they are loosing connection maybe? I was having a issue with the bolts coming loose on my downpipe....Just makes me wonder which is wich. With the ngk's i have no problem so, but i can tell such a difference with the ultras on.

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2012-02-12 01:59:57
Scrape all of the connections so fresh metal is exposed. If you can bend the plug to fit onto the dizzy tighter, then that would help also. that is if you have a bad or loose connection.
2012-02-12 02:08:59
Yeah try and close up the metal in the connection points in the wires. Use some long needle nose pliers and that should fix the issue if it is a connection issue. Wires may just have an intermittent short inside of one or more of the wires. I would try snugging up the connections first since it is quick and easy. You could hold each of the wires, hook up alligator clips from a multimeter to each end. Check for continuity while wiggling the wires.
2012-02-12 02:10:43
^ will have to try that. Im also wondering if its my dizzy...the thing is 2 different dizzys put together as it is, so wondering if with the better wires if its why its freaking out?
2012-02-12 02:17:16
its the shitty wires. i got a set of 8 or 10mm taylor wires iirc from a group buy years ago. car ran fine, then a few days later started doing the same shit you described. went out there with a bottle of windex. it was night time and i had the motor running, sprayed the wires. you could cleary see the sparks jumping from wire to wire like crazy.

run nothing but oem wires man.

2012-02-12 02:19:25
Yah if these act up anymore, im selling them on here, it may be the wires, or that my car doesnt like them. I got them for free from jerban with my motor mounts and some other goodies. Figured id throw them on even though all i use are oem or ngk, since there more (spendy) and seems alot of people here like them. But any more isssues and there gone. I threw my stock wires in the car just in case.

And thanks stratton, nice to know im not going crazy
2012-02-14 17:37:42
The reason you are having problem is because they are not Ultra Wires ( Red). They are red but there is nothing Ultra about them
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