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Thread: Cleaning up combustion chamber

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2012-02-02 17:54:33
Cleaning up combustion chamber
I have this spare VVL head with some damage caused by a throttle plate screw.

Is there any good ways of deburring and smoothing this out?

I was thinking a die-grinder with various grinding stones. But I haven't done this before.
2012-02-02 18:02:49
i had similiar damage when a spark plug tip flew around my 2.4. it wasnt quite bad as yours but like i said simliar, what i did was have it milled out to some degree, and then smoothed out with a die grinder. i had all four combustion chambers doen so they would all be the same. i then went and milled the head.

i think your best option if you planned on getting the head or a head ported is to just send it out and get the combustion chambers gone completely over.

if your anept at doing it your self, sure go at it, just hit all chambers so they all match.

2012-02-02 18:09:53
I got some time off work next week so I'll give it a shot.

I could fill up the chambers with something and make sure they are atleast equal in volume.
2012-02-02 18:20:05
yes, get them as close as possible.

2012-02-04 23:18:22
To be honest, I wouldn't even hit it with a die grinder unless you're careful to remove the least amount of material possible. I'd almost recommend using mid-grit sandpaper and patience. I personally get nervous, buzzing about on a head with a sometimes-ornery air tool... saw a guy go full retard w/ a diegrinder on a DSM head, and all hell broke loose; haven't looked at a diegrinder the same since then.

"You can always remove more; putting material back is damn near impossible."
2012-02-07 13:26:55
I'm using a very small grinder. I have some experience with the bigger ones, and they can be really hard to control, easily able to give you a bruise or two.

Getting there

A little more and it'll do. I think the valve seats need some love too (not with a die-grinde tho).
2012-02-07 14:15:55
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