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Thread: JDM Roller Rocker Motors into a B13 cliff notes?

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2012-02-01 00:12:06
JDM Roller Rocker Motors into a B13 cliff notes?
OK so im about to get a JDM roller rocker motor tommorow. Im pretty sure they have the sidefeed rails from my research and they are also lowport. I ave no emissions in my state for obd1. So im good on the EGR issues. I dont really care about the compression of this motor compared to other RR's or any of that lol. I just want to know if there will be any hangups or things thatll slow me down while throwing this motor into a B13. Anything need to be rewired or any of that?

Im gonna use the stock 93 ECU with all the USDM sensors.
2012-02-01 00:20:53
JDM roller rocker come side feed and top feed.
2012-02-01 00:21:48
Post up a pic of the motor and I will tell you what to do.
2012-02-01 00:33:54
Ill post it up tom when I get off work. I have to pick it up tom night when i get off.
2012-02-01 22:06:46
Just picked up the motor. Its a blacktop rr with top feed injectors. Clean as the rest of my motors were (you can eat off it). Guess ill need resistors for the top feeds. No low port mannys around. Plus I don't jeed the egr crap. Got pics coming in a few

Plus there seems to be no info on blacktop rr's. Sup with that? Anyohe know what these blacktops are from?
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2012-02-01 22:12:51
Are you gonna boost this engine?
2012-02-01 22:53:51
I heard the black top came in jdm primera p11 ..not 100% on that . Rare motor .
2012-02-01 22:56:21
There is nothing rare or special about the motor. All it has is a black valve cover.
2012-02-01 23:03:34
I dont mean its "rare" its you dont see them that offten for sale like the redtop or silver .
2012-02-02 00:51:25
Originally Posted by Agent
Are you gonna boost this engine?

Na its going in my very close to stock se-r for a beater motor. Just so happens this is what was around and cheap. Japan direct closed there warehouse in raleigh where I used to get all my motors. But they had been sitting on this motor for a while and I always knew about it but never needed one. Then the de I rebuilt for my black se-r threw a rod through the block. I have no plans of wasting time puting a de tog ever again lol.

Agent is it you I sold my super clean ve to?
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