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Thread: JDM Roller Rocker Motors into a B13 cliff notes?

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2012-02-02 05:09:06
where did you find that motor at? I need to go with you next time (im serious)
2012-02-02 05:31:18
Josh, that motor came from Japan Direct in Raleigh. They no longer stock motors though that you can go and check out in person. I think Johnny only does orders now for less over head. I asked him if he had anymore SR's and he said no. This is the same shop i got my Super Clean VE and DET from. They used to have motors in the warehouse and these were motors they went to japan and either drove or hand picked.

Chris, It seems like im on my own with this one. For lowport guys this is an easy swap. For highport guys Ive seen one in person locally that Im pretty sure Japan direct did. I cant remember if they used the lowport USDM manifold or not. Only thing I remember is thinking why does that motor rev so fast compared to my DE lol. The 4cw crank made me understand.

Im tempted to trade this motor for something easier to just drop in. But that would prob take longer then just throwing it in and finding a usdm low port intake manifold
2012-02-02 06:00:53
Has that motor had any miles put on it? Seriously? Looks freakin mint!

I don't know if this helps you at all, but I have a spare USDM RR intake mani if that will make anything easier. Not sure, but just wanted you to be aware. You can have it for dirt cheap. Good luck with the swap!
2012-02-02 06:13:52
Va'sfinest thanks for the offer can you post a few pics of it? Just wanna see what it looks like. I really need to find a local lowport intake manifold if I want this done fast I guess
2012-02-02 06:17:44
Sure thing, I'll snap a few in the morning for you so you can compare man.
2012-02-07 06:45:29
So I lucked up and found a full 99 p11 in a local yard with everything I needed intake manifold wise. I snatched up the lowport intake manifold and the water lines for super cheap so I'm good!! Then went to another local yard and found ajd nx with what looks like hotshot gen 5 headers for super cheap also. So I got everything I needed cheap! Which is good cause I'm fackin broke!

Few things to note:

-The roller rocker valve cover CAN be used with a lowprt manifold. At least the 99 manifold. Not sure how the other manifolds mount the throttle cable bracket. But with the 99 manny a 90deg bend in tue hose at the valve cover is needed plus one to get to the manny pipe and clears. This is with cruise control and throttle cable.

-can I use the usdm 99 p11 aac valve on my 93 usdm ecuor do I need to change it? And what about the 99 usdm black box? Or do I need to swap them out for my 93 stuff?

-I'm also having trouble figuring out if this is a p11 primera gt motor or not. Is there a way to tell for sure?

-and does anyone know if the ve and rr de crank pullys are the same size as the regular de ones?
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2012-02-07 19:12:57
You could probably use a 94 Lowport intake manifold and valve cover. I have a 93 Se-R with a 94 lowport in it. Not a big deal I just used the 94 Ecu harness, and the 93 lower engine harness. I wish I had the 94 lower engine harness as it would have made everything factory clean.

XXtokesXX used the lowport manifold method on his B14 SE-R when he swapped in his RR.

The great thing about the 93-94 cars is that a lowport or highport is a direct plug in if you have the right harnesses.

The RR is a nice motor to work with. There's a guy out there that was making 191whp out of one. If I was going to build one my goal would be 160-170whp using 87 octane.
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2012-02-08 03:46:31
Yeah any lowport manifold will bol t up. But it seems like there might be a few differences in lowport manifold through the years. Specially 99's with all there egr stuff. But I dknt know why people say they can't use the valve cover unless I'm missing something. I already tested and confirmed.

Its just weird that we have all this info on all the other sr20s but tue newest ones are still are mysteries. Identifying this motor hasn't been easy. But I'm still curious. The most it will see in the way of power is I/h/e maybe. The only reason it has a header is cause i was just looking for tue stock secondary and lucked up. This will be a daily driver. I've got other stuff to play with and break. This car has to he reliable for when the other car break (like right now lol)

My goal with this motor is to use ALL the updated parts I can off it. The rr valve cover is better then the regular de one. The chain tensioner is tye newer one. Hell I even grabbed the better valve cover bolts off the p11 for my det lol. The old school de studs suck compared to the new stuff. Tue old school exhaust manifold bolts and washers suck also compared to the new stuff. Its kinda cool seeing all the stuff they upgraded alomg the way.
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