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Thread: JDM Roller Rocker Motors into a B13 cliff notes?

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2012-02-02 01:08:39

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2012-02-02 01:26:52
super clean ve
Originally Posted by Johnny
Na its going in my very close to stock se-r for a beater motor. Just so happens this is what was around and cheap. Japan direct closed there warehouse in raleigh where I used to get all my motors. But they had been sitting on this motor for a while and I always knew about it but never needed one. Then the de I rebuilt for my black se-r threw a rod through the block. I have no plans of wasting time puting a de tog ever again lol.

Agent is it you I sold my super clean ve to?

Nah damian from jdmez hooked it up.
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2012-02-02 01:28:57
That bitch clean,good find.
2012-02-02 01:52:36

Now I just gotta figure out:
-How this motor idles, Im guessing its the wastegate thingy that was mounted on mine maybe. No AICV in sight

-If my USDM TPS will bolt up

-How or what the easiest way to get the injectors running is (I was reading and it seems like resistors will work. But is there an easier way)

-If the RR crank pulley and the DE one are the same diameter or if Im gonna have to search for new belts again

-if the usdm throttle body will bolt up (I wont need to do this if the USDM TPS works with the JDM manifold)

Ive taken off all the EGR crap already so I have alot of space now. The Water lines for the Throttle Body
and EGR stuff will be looped or pluged. Heater lines dont look to bad or i could just loop them. Car has no power steering so no Issues with any of that.
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2012-02-02 02:18:49
looks like a 01 sentra se motor.....ur best bet is to swap intake mani it be alot easier
2012-02-02 02:47:34
Looks like u have your hands full.
2012-02-02 02:48:20
I mean maybe. But if all the injectors need is resistors wired in and for me to figure out what nissan used to keep idle good then ill be perfect. Everything else is easy as long as the USDM OBD1 TPS bolts up.
2012-02-02 03:08:13
I don't see why it wouldn't I have a 99 ser tps on my ve. I don't see why a rr de would be that much different.
2012-02-02 03:12:42
Is the 99 one a Two plug or one plug one? Ima check right quick if I have a tps laying around. As for the AICV...guy runs there cars without them with the Sheetmetal intake manifolds. THey just crack the throttle a lil at idle. Apparently it runs a lil rough till warm. But it runs. My goal is to use this whole motor as its going into a highport car.
2012-02-02 04:42:54
Ameen is the man with the RR info.
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