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Thread: Brake rotor conversion brackets

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2012-01-29 05:30:31
Brake rotor conversion brackets
Is anyone familiar with the ZI Motorsports brake rotor conversion brackets?
They are used by the 300Z guys to allow the use of the larger Brembo 12.75 rotors on the 300ZX(Z32) with the stock 4 piston caliper.

Z1 Motorsports Brembo Brake Rotor Conversion Brackets

I've been reading the 6 speed tranny swap threads which require using the B15 knuckles, and brake/wheel choices seem to be an additional factor in this swap. There are also threads about guys who just want Z32 brakes on their B13/B14.

Since the Z32 aluminum 4 piston caliper will bolt on to the B15 knuckle, then these conversion brackets will bolt on too.

The problem with a 300ZX 4 piston caliper brake swap has been that the calipers don't sit as high on a B15 knuckle, so rotor selection has been pretty much limited and requires machining down the diameter of the rotors. Almost not worth the trouble for me.

For 99.00 bucks, looks like these Z1 Motorsport brackets would raise the height of where the caliper sits on the B15 knuckle, which in turn opens a new world of possible rotor choices for this Z32 brake swap.

Any input/ideas or experiences would be appreciated.
2012-01-29 06:35:27
You can always grind down the caliper so you don't have to machine the rotors every single time new rotors go in.
2012-01-29 06:57:46
I wish it were that easy. I've seen pics of calipers, some people have shaved, on B15 forums. They have to remove so much it looks scary unsafe, and even then may not fit, basically ruins the caliper.
In addition you end up using a 22mm thick rotor instead of a 26mm thick rotor the caliper was designed to take.

That's why I was hoping these brackets would be an alternative.
2012-01-29 07:31:24
I've never actually seen it. I was just throwing info out.
Thanks for the knowledge
2012-02-04 16:58:21
Can anyone who's tried the 300ZX front brake conversion throw in some comments (positive or negative) on the possibilities of using these brackets?

I thought there would be more feedback, especially from the high horsepower guys who run on track days. These brackets look like they might even work on a 240SX.
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