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Thread: Sr20 vs qr25

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2012-01-27 17:40:29
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
This could get interesting,

Entry fee to the track already paid, all someone has to do is show up and race them. Hmm I wonder if anyone will take that offer up.

It's like our own episode of forum wars.

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2012-01-27 17:46:02
2012-01-27 17:46:11
It would be fun as hell to participate and/or watch thats for sure. Should be Ultimate SE-R challenge SR vs QR
2012-01-27 17:46:33
Originally Posted by B15NewYork
It's like our own episode of forum wars.

Forumwarz - Forumwarz - A free browser-based RPG about Internet Culture

Where's the DoG 2 when u need him hahaha
2012-01-27 17:46:36
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
when someone asks me a question about why I do things the way I do, Im more than happy to politely answer them and explain if necessary. About 5 pages
That sounds about right.

I keed I keed!
2012-01-27 17:47:28
Originally Posted by LerkZone
Were the DoG 2 when u need him hahaha

Yeah that would be the best bet, Wonder if mike would find the time to travel to Atlanta and do that. And hell his is a 2.0L but hes got some nice tricks up his sleeve and hes an experienced racer.
2012-01-27 17:50:06
And about the SER thing, B15's don't get butt hurt. When B14 SER when first came out everyone said it wasn't a real SER hahaha

Beam in the back, 110 mph , Only Redlined to 7000 RPMs. Dam I'm old and still working on these carz
Last edited by LerkZone on 2012-01-27 at 18-02-42.
2012-01-27 17:50:53
SR vs QR challenge?Sounds like a good idea.
2012-01-27 17:52:59
Nice ninja edit there Ben, almost didnt catch it.
2012-01-27 18:57:38
Originally Posted by Dustin
I'll post the same thing here, that I did there, since you know, I am on both forums since I've owned both cars.

The B15 lacks the support the SR does. Simple as that.

Would I say one is better than the other, no. You didn't see Nissan use the damn SR in half of it's vehicle line up, but the QR is being whored out as an all around engine package.

The SR motor has found itself into more bodys than the QR engine has and ever will. Thats a fact
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