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Thread: Sr20 vs qr25

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2012-01-28 15:02:48
At this rate, they'll put the MR20DDT in the QX56. amirite?
2012-01-28 15:06:50
BigJ a fare comparison is below. You can put overbore pistons in the QR25DE and put cams in it and it will not perform like the motor below. Runs all done on 93 octane.

SR20VE 20V 2.2L ( Stock cams ) 90mm bore 86mm stock crank.

446 WHP and 332 Lb Ft torque at 10 PSI

509 WHP and 376 Lb Ft torque at 15 PSI
Last edited by Andreas Miko on 2012-01-28 at 15-15-37.
2012-01-28 15:15:51
Originally Posted by Andreas
MR16DDT is to small

Need MR20DDT

at least it provides a cheap turbo platform from Nissan for us to play with.
2012-01-28 15:21:17
Originally Posted by vqman
at least it provides a cheap turbo platform from Nissan for us to play with.

They can keep it.

Thats like saying. Well I got a dick and balls, so I will stay at home and play with it vs going out and finding some girls to play with it for you.

MR16DDT is a poor excuse by Nissan. I would prefer to stay with the NA Subaru BRZ with 200 HP or the 270 HP BRZ STI to come out later which looks like my only option right now.

Nissan is telling us to take what we get vz giving us what we want
2012-01-28 15:26:37
Yeah its like they just half ass answering the call of sport compact scene, if they brought that 1.6 turbo it will probably sub 200hp turbo motor. Whooptie doo! That wouldnt be any better than the current 200whp qr thats in it now, they will probably skimp on the internals to where any more than 250whp will grenade the thing. Its like they are saying we will give you just a taste and thats all you get.

Why cant they just make another "SR" type motor, factory turbo, beefy internals that tuners dont have to worry about, some type of simple head setup like the QR with VVL technology. How hard would it really be? I mean really. Do they just not see how much money they would make with sales if they just brought a good platform motor out with what we want to begin with instead of skimping here and there and everywhere?

Nissan just doesnt know what they are doing in the SCC world anymore. Sorry.
2012-01-28 15:39:19
I actually would be down if Nissan took the B16 QR short block, made a QR25DE head that is VVL. I look at it like this.

The standad average DE made 140 HP and the standard average VE makes 190 HP.


The standard QR B16 makes 200 HP and if they put some type of VVL tech on it it would make 250-260 HP with no problem.

If they had done this I would have argued anyone to the ground that the QR25VE is the boss. Could you just see a QR25VE with 250 HP and 220 LB Ft Torque getting 35 miles to the gallon. running 14 flat in the B16 chasis.

I would have run out and bought a car like this. I would be searching the junkyards for the first fool to crash a car like this so I could get the engine to put in my B13. I guess I can dream because no Nissan higher up would ever read or understand my rambling on.

I would buy the B16 QR25VE with 250 HP and 220 LB Ft Torque running 14 flat for $25,000. I would have been first in line. Better put Nissan can put this motor in any RWD coupe they can come up with and it would kill.
2012-01-28 16:33:39
Why are we even trying to compare the SR20 to a Altima motor.
2012-01-28 16:52:30
Originally Posted by kevwal
Why are we even trying to compare the SR20 to a Altima motor.

LoL lets put more fuel on the fire,
2012-01-28 17:04:23
Fu(king nissan they need to stick the VQ25 in the new SERs because they dont know how to build 4 bangers anymore.
2012-01-28 17:19:46
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
LoL lets put more fuel on the fire,

They already got all butt hurt when we called their motor a truck motor. Just like the KA guys get all butthurt when we call theirs a truck motor. lol.

Truth hurts now doesnt it.
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