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Thread: Sr20 vs qr25

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2012-01-27 02:16:19
Originally Posted by Boostlee

2012-01-27 02:17:28
Yeah we bust balls pretty hard around here lol because racecar for sure
2012-01-27 02:43:06
Its 10 years already time for a new 4 cyclinder from nissan the QR was straight trash I dont care what anybody says Ill take a ka over that anyday.
2012-01-27 02:45:23
Originally Posted by Big
we have 5 iirc track records in the Southeast with the car when it was QR powered and running in the TTE class. We have 5 or so track records now with the VQ in TTB. The Car won 18 of 19 events. The one loss was due to an alternator that shorted internally.

We are 1 second off of the RTR Sentra's all time World Challenge qualifying record of 1:45.2 at Road Atlanta.... but we're not allowed to draft in Time Attack, which is how they pulled of the time.

The QR is great on a road course. We won a national championship with one and set a still standing track record in 2009 @ Miller in Utah.

On a road course, HP is just one small factor.

Tough to argue with that record.

It's a Nissan. Better yet, it's a Sentra. It goes real fast around a road course. I like it.

Pretty simple really.

Originally Posted by Big
I'll put a K20 in an SE-R


All the entertaining trash talk aside, keep on doing your thing man.
2012-01-27 03:03:56
Originally Posted by Black
Its 10 years already time for a new 4 cyclinder from nissan the QR was straight trash I dont care what anybody says Ill take a ka over that anyday.

How dare you sir! don't bring the KA into this. Then we will have the altima.net people and KA-T.net people here too lol.
2012-01-27 03:14:46
^^lol thats funny because i have a few KA friends saying the KA is better than SR lol
2012-01-27 03:33:49
^Same here.
2012-01-27 03:46:04
Yeah, KA is better.

Thats why 99% of the 240 crowd switches them out to SR's. But then you have that 1% that are KA nutswingers thinking its better than the SR. Yes while there are plenty of people who have made good power with the KA there are also that much more of them that have blown them up. Again, just another truck motor that doesnt like to rev either. While not as bad as the QR25 still just a torquey truck motor.
2012-01-27 04:27:34
Originally Posted by Andreas
Rwd cams are not swapable on Fwd motors but.FWD cams will swap onto RWD motors. Think about It And you will figure It out

Dre, just had my buddy look at his stock set of cams and they do infact have the distro notch. I believe nissan and all the aftermarket guys use the same blanks.

Looked at the HKS and Tomei cams and they all have the distro notch. I know there was some fwd guys that used the tomei poncams on their det's with decent results. S4's still hands down best street turbo cam which is why my buddy went with them and loves em.

Anyways I missed the part where 2j called me out to build a car to go around a track. But thats a big negative with my car as its set up for drag. That would be pointless. Now when they get a QR to make 800+whp, they can let me know and we can settle something on the dragstrip. To each their own. They have their preferred racing and I have mine.
2012-01-27 05:59:20
unluckys sqr

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