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Thread: Splines chewed up by fifth gear pop-out

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2012-01-21 03:20:10
Splines chewed up by fifth gear pop-out
I currently have my RS5F32V disassembled to replace fifth gear.

Everything was going smoothly until it was time remove the fifth gear coupling sleeve and hub that sits on top of the syncro and fifth gear itself (being held in this picture). If you've ever opened up the tranny, it's the part that slides up and down against the fifth gear shift fork.

The yellow arrow shows the problem area. The hub and splines are chewed up.

You can see the inside of the old fifth gear hub is haggard, allowing lots of play between the output shaft and coupling sleeve. The new replacement piece is nice and square inside.

The splines aren't totally destroyed, but the new hub (at right above in previous picture) will not slide smoothly onto the splines. The splines are not a normal part of fifth gear pop-out replacement kits. I don't even know if you can buy them separately from the entire input shaft.

Should I just file the splines as smoothly as I can and hope for the best, or will I need a new input shaft/splines piece? Anyone else experienced this?
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2012-01-21 03:25:01
tought desicion i would look for a new shaft and put the fifth on it. gl bud
2012-01-21 03:27:53
if ur good at this and it seems you got it under control...look for a replacement...can't find one just file it....i am defiantly no expert tho....good luck sir!
2012-01-21 03:32:21
yea a little bit of filing to clean the teeth up should be ok, just make sure to clean up properly when done.

the damage maybe caused from forcing it into 5th an holding it there.. i've heard storys of guys with bungee cords an shit to keep it in 5th lol
2012-01-21 03:39:17
Looks like the splines twisted a bit or warped. Definitely looks like that slider hub got hot as well.

Arnt those splies on the input shaft a part of the shaft? If so id say you need a new input shaft.
2012-01-21 03:40:31
Yeah id imagine its caused by the slamming of it trying to pop in and out of gear while forcing it. Definitly looks like they got twisted up a bit.
2012-01-21 03:41:15
yeah they r apart of and i say get a new one to i wouldnt put that back in my tranny
2012-01-21 03:42:28
I took a quick look at Courtesyparts for reference, and it looks like the input shaft is one unit. Or at least sold as one unit. I don't know if the fifth gear splines are pressed on or not, but I would get to buy the whole enchilada for over $200.

I may put my ear to the ground for someone with some used transmission guts. If not, might be time to ring up GregV.
2012-01-21 03:43:46
i can look for one for ya
2012-01-21 03:44:07
ill let u know though
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