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Thread: is this a good ser-up for cams?

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2008-04-05 13:14:28
is this a good ser-up for cams?
crowlers stage 2 cams with fadanza adjustable cam gears? Is it worth the money or should I just got jwt? because i alrady own the cam gears, and a buddy of mine has a pair of crowler stage 2 cams witch he bought off the sr20forum group buy.
2008-04-05 13:18:57
Nothing wrong with BC STG 2 cams, but tbh I wouldn't worry about using the cam gears, until you've come to a point to where you need to extract every little last bit of power.

Just run them straight up.
2008-04-05 13:49:13
Actually, part of the reason that JWT cams are better then BC is due to the fact that JWT designs a modified lobe centerline into their cams to advance or retard the cam a specified amount from the stock centerline without having to use gears. To my knowledge BC did not put that much R&D into their cams to modify them like this, so using gears with BC cams can bring your powerband down into a more useable range. As we all know that has been the main complain with BC cams. They do give gains of up to 15 hp or so, but its all in the top end of the RPM band. If you already have the cam gears, it will waste nothing but your time to play around with settings, however if you do not plan on dynotesting after each setting, I would just say run them straight up. The butt dyno is very rarely accurate.
2008-04-05 13:51:37
^x2 its good to dial in the camshafts but in reality you wont gain TOO much from doing so. maybe to adjust overlap or dial in inake cam, but really its a last resort in power gain
2008-04-05 14:29:12
Unless you are running a large cam that likes overlap. You can gain HP and Tq if you are using BC stg. 3 or JWT C series cams with adjustable cam gears. With the smaller cams they are just more useful in moving the powerband down into a more useable range if this car is just a DD and Nismo doesn't feel like driving around at 6000 RPM to keep his car in the powerband.
2008-04-05 23:46:59
Just get stg2s and set the cam gears at +2 intake and exhaust to -2 and you should get the best power. If u have dyno time try moving the intake to +4 if it will turn over and see if gain any.

2008-04-08 02:59:04
so basically i should just use the cams, without the gears? so use the OEM gears? becaue the cams i have dont come with the gears. sorry people, im a NOOB! and would the money for the cams even be worh it?
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