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Thread: 4 Puck Clutch

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2012-01-05 02:12:54
4 Puck Clutch
I did search but didn't find a whole lot of info on 4 puck clutches here.

I'm about to buy a Clutch Masters Kit and the Stage 5 with 6 puck disk is $340 vs the Stage 5 with 4 puck disk being $260.

I know that the 4 puck is supposed to have a harsher engagement and on my old setup I had a 4 puck but with a ACT HD pressure plate and I don't know how it will compare VS the Stage 5 PP.

My old 4 puck disk didn't last long because I had slippage with the ACT HD PP and thats why im getting the CM Stage 5 now.

Any of you guys have any experience with 4 puck clutches? If so do you recommend the 4 puck or spend the extra $80 on the 6 puck for driveability sake.
2012-01-05 02:25:57
thmotorsports sells them both for the same price.
2012-01-05 02:37:29
My first clutch setup was an ACT extreme pp w/ 4 puck unsprung disk. It really wasnt that bad. The disk and clutch i bought used and they were about 8 years old and looked pretty good. I used the 4 puck for a while until it started slipping because of wear and then switched to a 6 puck sprung. The unsprung disk is nice because there is no bounciness or delay from no throttle to throttle. Just gotta be careful as its harsher on the gears than a sprung clutch.

As far as hold capability goes i believe the 4 and 6 puck disks are both rated to hold about the same power. The 4 puck will be noticably jumpier if you take off from too low of an rpm, you will get clutch chatter. Thats about it though.
2012-01-05 02:59:15
I take that back thomotorsports is charging more for the 6 puck disc. As for the difference between the two they both hold the same. The 4 puck will be more harsh than the 6 puck. I have the 6 puck and it just takes getting used to. It makes no noise but is tricky from a stop.
2012-01-05 06:13:38
I don't use the car much so I will probably get the cheaper one. Thanks for the input guys.
2012-01-05 13:20:49
The kit that you want to buy will be very nice. It will hold almost anything your going to throw at it and the clutch pedal is going to feel like stock.
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