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Thread: coolant leak, what and where to look

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2011-12-26 21:58:21
coolant leak, what and where to look
I had 2 coolant leaks, now I narrowed it down to one. When the car is cold, and it is started and idles, it will leak out when standing. If it is driven to operating temps, it will not leak. This happens when it is standing and not up to op/temp. Waterpump maybe?
Also. The guage is dropping to near "C" while driving in 2nd and 4th gear during acceleration. It maybe doing it in other gears, but in 5th on the hwy cruising, it remains steady. Faulty switch or loose connection somewhere? I know someone else has had these issues.
2011-12-26 22:01:01
check firewall for heater core connections, and the water pump, and the radiator hoses... is there anything else??
2011-12-27 00:02:38
Can you give us a general location if where the coolant leak is coming from .. waterpump area ..behind the intake ..radiator .. ?? . Sounds like a faulty thirmistat if it drops all the way down during driving conditions . But what mods do you have to the coolant system like koyo radiator , nismo thirmistat, electric w/p , or do you have slim fans and no a/c condensor in front of the radiator ? . Genneraly it will drop down when driving on the highway in cold weather if you have a bigger radiator and no condensor in front of it but not all the way down . More info please would help

We are heading into the cold season so if your w/p is goin to leak it will out the weep hole when cold in most cases . As the seal expands and contracts under hot and cold contitions .
This also happens with stock radiator end tanks .
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2011-12-27 00:34:43
Originally Posted by tsuruser
.... stock radiator end tanks .


Check the rad connections. Had the same issues with two out of three of my SE-R's, new hoses/clamps cured it. Good luck.
2011-12-27 17:32:34
I checked all those hoses and places. The first leak was the throttle body hose, this one seeps down the right side inner splash guard that covers the oilpan. In that area. Under the radiator is dry.
2011-12-28 00:26:18
Sounds like the waterpump.
2011-12-28 00:35:55
^ yep sounds about right
2011-12-28 04:34:14
OK, here is the second mystery:

Please ignore the music...SMH, LOL
2011-12-28 04:40:13
^ cause your low on coolant so the motor gets over cooled at speed.
2011-12-28 04:44:28
Yea thay sucker is dropping pretty fast wich in nothing like i sugested . Also what he mentioned if it has a air pocket it will cause iratic readings .Have you checked voltage at the sensor or replaced the sensor ? I'd probably replace it as they are cheap anyways . But check the voltage and conection fisrt . GL
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