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Thread: Nissport EGR/BPT delete

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2011-12-26 13:27:28
Nissport EGR/BPT delete
Of course, came with no instructions and some of these posts are downright confusing without good pics. I need vacuum reroute/plug pics!!!!!! The diagram in the How-to is good, but i've seen it done waaay simpler than this. Anyone help me out? My wifie was nice enough to get this kit for me but I've long forgotten how to reroute the hoses/plug certain ones etc.
2011-12-26 15:06:51
There is a how to in the how to section. It's a great diagram done by llaprad (sp?) I think. I'm on my phone or I'd get you the link.

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2011-12-26 18:25:28
Right...but he added some t-fittings etc. I don't remember doing that on the B14, and some others folks I've seen at traces hadn't done that procedure either
2011-12-26 18:48:48
Not to be off topic, but that company is still around!? Nice!
2011-12-26 18:54:44
Is this a lowport or highport?
2011-12-26 21:12:53
Its a 91 NX...Highport
2011-12-27 18:47:45
There are few easy things you can do.

Remove the EGR pipe and actuator, and use the block-off plates as designed.
There will probably be one vacuum hose connected to the actuator that is now hanging loose. Just block that off, and you're all set.

You can go further bye removing some more vacuum stuff including some electronic vacuum valves. You just have to be smart about it and know what you're removing and where to block stuff off once you've done it so you don't get any vacuum leaks, and so your charcoal canister works still (if you want it working).
2011-12-27 19:26:16
Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what I did with the B14...I was thinking of going with LLaprad's diagram thing, I got the fittings and all that...anyone know if that works really well?
2011-12-28 19:38:06
Okay...so here's where I am at...Ben can you clarify what i need to do here:
pic 1
where the bpt/egr connected to

to the intake: presuming I plug this right back into intake again?

and then there's this one...originally went to aiv on front of engine near the radiator:

So where to go from here?
2011-12-28 21:04:33
The kit is not designed to delete the the box up front to the left of the WOT catch can. That is supposed to stay, and deleting it is a completely different can of worms.

If you're just talking about removing the EGR, then that is a metal pip going from the exhaust manifold (runner #4) to the intake plenum. You use the block off plate(s) to block off the holes left in the intake plenum, and you use the large screw to block off the exhaust manifold #4 port.

The vacuum line in your second picture should go back into the intake boot, yes.

If the line you're showing in the 3rd pic went up front to the box to the left of the WOT catch can, then I have no clue what to do with that. There are diagrams around on how that system works though. Someone will help.
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