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Thread: Installed g20 ecu on 200sx ser and

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2011-12-17 23:21:38
Installed g20 ecu on 200sx ser and
It pulls harder i like the results but it set off my cel. It came from a 96 g20 5 speed i have a 97 200sx ser 5 speed i had it scanned and it shows knock censor and o2 sensor it turns off with orignal ecu any thoughts?
2011-12-17 23:28:46
This is one of those issues that I would end up just taking the CEL bulb out of my cluster.

There could be something wrong with the ECU. Pop it open and check for burnt wires and bad connections.
2011-12-17 23:34:36
Hmm will do looks clean on outside and terminals were clean it does run stronger with this ecu it feels stronger i just hate to have to swap ecu every year to pass nc inspection
2011-12-17 23:49:37
why its one 10mm bolt
2011-12-18 00:07:38
Originally Posted by morgans432
why its one 10mm bolt

Actually 3. Unless you take all of the screws out of the frame, and let it lay in there.
2011-12-18 04:13:46
That's what I am saying I thought it would not set any codes as long as my car was ok maybe it's n the ecu but the parts yard I bought it from is no returns which I don't want to anyways I love how it runs with it but I thought it would b plug play no issues but oh well I like the thing
2011-12-18 04:47:53
I'm running codeless with a g20 ecu in my B15. I'm thinking it might be your ECU.
2011-12-18 05:14:48
What is the error for setting off your CEL?

If it is EGR, I can tell you why.
2011-12-18 05:40:52
It was two. knock sensor and o2 sensor but it runs lije a champ with it
2011-12-19 12:17:47
Can you just swap the ecu out for the other and its all good to go? Except for those two sensors obviously
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