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Thread: Engine Harness

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2011-12-16 03:49:50
Engine Harness
What do these wires go to?

This thing

Leads to this cut wire

This clip

Leads to this cut wire

These wires come right out of the harness

2011-12-16 04:25:53
have you checked out your car's FSM?
2011-12-16 15:04:02
No. lol
2011-12-18 01:06:38
the harness is out of my brothers old car
2011-12-19 03:01:41
Valone ask Bes is you can borrow my FSM he had it.
2011-12-19 05:44:27
or download it

2011-12-19 22:32:18
I am almost positive the grey plug with the 3 prongs is for the o2 sensor.
2011-12-24 02:52:25
2011-12-24 03:10:36
the FSM will have all the wire colors. The grey plug with the 3 wires looks like the ignitor plug being I can see the voltage buffer piece right below that coming off the same wires.

If that 3 prong connector has a white a green w/yellow and a black wire its definitely the ignitor plug.

Look in the FSM and it will tell you everything you need to know and wire colors and what they go to.

The first picture is the buffer for the coil voltage. The cut wires were to the coil plug. You should have a two wire grey plug thats for the coil with a black w/ red and a green w/yellow coming off of it. The green with yellow goes to the ignitor harness.
Last edited by ashtonsser on 2011-12-24 at 03-13-53.
2011-12-24 03:38:28
goes to the ignitor, coil, dizzy. The first pic is the inline resistor before the coilpack.
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