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Thread: OEM Sentra radio question??

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2011-12-09 12:12:47
OEM Sentra radio question??

For those of you who have this radio in your car, does it has a clock?

please let me know. Thanks in advance
2011-12-09 14:08:50
Is that the 98 99 B14 CD/Cassette/Radio headunit? I don't remember exactly what it looks like since I changed it out a few years ago. Yes, mine had a clock.

Edit: Yep. That's the one I had.
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2011-12-09 14:43:23
The picture you posted shows a button labeled "CLOCK".

You tell us. Does it has a clock?
2011-12-09 15:08:20
I can haz clok?!
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2011-12-09 15:08:52
Clock does it has yesss...precious.....
2011-12-09 15:09:13
Does clock haz hackz?
2011-12-09 15:13:00
I'm in your clock, haz'n your has.

2011-12-09 15:14:41
I apologize. After further inspection of more detailed images found on Google that button seems to be labeled "GLOCK". My bad.
2011-12-09 15:16:01
No, its the block button, it protects you from accidents and accidental rape. Just like in mario cart, it surrounds your car in shells.
2011-12-10 00:37:51
Man, it was just a question, I posted the wrong picture, but thanks anyway. I found what I was looking for. These units look a like and not all of them include a clock. For example:

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