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Thread: Members should have the right to VOTE!

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2007-12-14 04:52:31
Originally Posted by Moto

We should have a vote on moderators, mis-leading sellers / threads and rip-off artists, instead of total domination by the mods.

It will always be about the money, unless we create rules to guide abuse of power.
Sellers should be willing to have disputes settled by the membership; voted upon, after each party has has the chance to respond to the situation. Democracy in action.

I say we implement the vote and a "paying member's bill of rights", half the dead beat sellers would be eliminated, as they don't become members, do they?

Let's say you vote a moderator and they allow the occasional crooked no-body to pull a stunt. It is ripe for abuse, because there is no checks and balances. I am in no way making any direct accusations of any abuse, of the sort, yet it is possible and it's consumer fraud if it happens even once, unless it's a blind auction.

They probably want to charge for listing fees, eventually, what else?

Then the mod's bonus plan explodes when the crap parts get to your door and guess who they try to protect?

I say we members be given the right to police our forum together and vote on dope sellers and ego-driven moderators.

The customer, under a democracy with any integrity, is usually considered to be right. That is what the consumer protection act is based upon. We have the right to fair arbitration over disputes and we can avoid these types of abuse of power by mandating voting and a code of ethics by ALL members,

No one should be allowed to sell parts here who does not willingly subject themselves and their sales tactics, to the group discretion and regulation.

Our integrity is why the group is strong. We seek the truth at an affordable price. We can keep it civilized if we work by voting.

You should get informed about what the group does to false claims by ruthless sellers.

There is plenty of money to be made without selling deadly or known junk parts. It is an issue we must agree upon or else we are just here to sell broken scrap, every once in a while, to some poor guy without a clue, because we can.

We need a list of stuff which is banned from selling here.

We need a description form with "MUST fill out" information, so there can be a record of who didn't tell the whole truth about parts sales.

We need rules to slow down ANYONE who insults another paying member.
We must be able to edit posts we may not have understood correctly.
We should be allowed to vote anyone packing if they break the forum trust, the first time.

We need to police ourselves.
When a new product is offered, it should be tested and reviewed by the forum R&D team.

I'm all about loyalty to the guys who came before me, but people pull stunts. We all have different styles of cars but we all have the same gut feeling when we get screwed.

Take that crap elsewhere.
Some think it's capitalism to sell death bolts and struts with weak seals made by children for pennies on the dollar.

How am I able to get that across if the moderator edits my opinion, in order to keep some ethic-free clown's advertising money?

We can be deceived easily by crafty auto parts association guys working together, selling parts web sites by the dozens, who fool us by taking alternate sides, even though they work together. I have seen this repeatedly, elsewhere.

We all eventually got to know what springs work, what cams work, what struts bend and break or lower the car too much; so why must the moderators restrict comments based upon safety or try to force us to see ads for BS parts and sellers who could care less about our best interests in a sale thread? Because they might advertise???

So our values are now for sale and we are lead to buy-in on integrity and then sold out and told to like it.

That is Not enthusiast run web.
I want to know what sucks!!!!! I'm paying to get the best information possible, not scammed.

That is why we must be ethically in agreement with standards, to help guide sellers into directions WE choose, based upon safety and R&D. Not because I'll cut the moderator in on my new el-cheap-o, weak-ass imported parts deal.

We need a Guild of Nissan Builders. We need to make the final word on good parts or real junk.

The lack of clear standards has good men and women fighting.
I's not OK to conn each other. It's called fraud.

I would like to think we are not teaching others to lie cheat and steal on our forum, let alone profit from it.

We can do better than allowing our rights to be abused.

This would not be an issue if the entire world got a vote on how they see the facts and so called "buddies" won't be able to operate and ruin people's reputation, unrestricted.

Sell memberships with rights and VOTE the group's mind on a case by case basis, without name calling and swearing in the posts.

What do you think about a member's bill of rights?
Arbitration and dispute resolution by the entire membership, for a change.
With language restrictions for rude mouths...

if a guy gets it wrong, give him a chance to make it right and then throw him out, if the group thinks he's not getting the message. Keep your deals straight and don't sell known garbage parts without a clear and legible description.

Pictures must be enforced for every sale worth a damn, or placed in the "weasel sales" thread, where you can "Dibs" away to your hearts content, without pictures, like an informed fool. This sets up members for fraud, just for trying to get a good deal first.

It is wrong to fight like wolves over one scrap of meat for scams and mis-stated parts.

If we mandate pics for legitimate sales, only a fool would list their good parts in the non-photo "weasel seller's area".
No pics, with a good explanation of the parts and PRICE, upfront; no listing in the "good parts area". Simple. Go join the weasel seller's thread and try to scam away all you want.

Where did you buy the broken part??? Ohhh, the weasel thread? Sorry Charlie. You were warned.

If you cannot communicate your thoughts in writing clearly, or have no idea what a new or used part looks like or have no idea if a safety issue may be violated by selling death bolts, DON'T BE SURPRISED when the group votes your sale as bogus and without the ethics we are trying to achieve.

I came hear to learn SR20's from the best, not fight with the morals of international import cartels trying to force cheap garbage through our site or crooks.

I expect the right to call a crook a crook and have the group vote the issue, not some dictator mod, who may or may not be inclined to take a piece of the action or to sell the membership out, again. How dare i ask too many questions before the seller pics another sucker.

We also have to remember not everyone sees the same words! We are all going to be biased, from time to time. It is about the money, but we can manage to conduct ourselves in a fashion which will be sustainable and ethical. No more selling for a "friend". Only a fool listens to that line of crap.

We can vote what to ban and what to allow to sell and WE shall control the market of the parts we use; not some dope who never drove or built one of our cars.

If that's wrong and you think I'm out of line; throw me out right now.

I have no time for thieves, crooks or scrap parts.

If you lie to me and I trusted you for the best parts you can offer, and you sell me junk parts or advise me other than what we discussed or you are actually using, and unloading the crap you may have gotten screwed buying; it should be up for Guild regulations and ethics vote, as to your motives.

No fighting, we all agree, if you start a fight you cannot win, think twice about the resolution of the entire community, as you can be banned if you lose your cool.

We can start over with mutual respect, as a Guild, if we can agree there should be VOTING, sales arbitration and Structured Member's Rights.
Members should get special treatment.

P.S.: I would not expect to own any share of earnings or ownership, for any forum, unless offered such a business contract, in writing and witnessed by attorneys.

Neither should any of you. Don't even go there, you'll lose.

Who wants to start the list of shared values?

Who wants to start a list of banned parts we know can kill some kid without a clue? We can call it the "Danger Zone", "buy at your own risk".

We need a set of standards to guide us.

Who wants to vote as a paying member, on the direction of this group, as a Guild and not as suckers for marketing scams from rich, self centered Importers?

SR20-Forum Custom Nissan Builders Guild
A Global SR20-Forum of like minded, quality people, who accept standards, teach quality auto mechanic techniques and proper modification of Nissan cars; with an eye towards safety and mutual respect.

We reserve the right to ban any product if found unsafe, defective or sadly under-designed to fail. Expect it and the finger for selling garbage.

Crooks and fraudsters; need not apply.

Wouldn't that be better?

"We didn't land on sr-20forum.com, sr-20forum.com landed on us"
I'm with the others, I couldn't really make it through the entire post. If you feel there's an issue please PM another mod, or an Admin. You'll find that this forum will run quite smoothly as the other forum did. I'm happy to say that most of that is because of the maturity of the members.
2007-12-14 05:16:47
We responded in depth on the other forum, what makes you think it'll turn out better here? You're just spamming us now. Let it alone. Seems to me everyone else agrees that, while there may be good intention, you are just sore about something. There isn't much of any place for a philosophy like this to grow and be instated in a forum setting. Social and community settings sure, but not on forums. It's just not practical. Refer to the other posts I've written to you on the other forum for explanations and systems already in place.
2007-12-14 05:21:14
How about this - If you screw other people on the forum you get banned. There now, isn't that a lot simpler?

I am going to use my vote for a +1 for this we don't need a long constitution signed by our 550 founding fathers.
2007-12-14 05:23:52
Originally Posted by Andreas
Run for office you got my vote. A man of few word that speaks clearly and get to the point

I mean the man has good intentions but to much mumbo jumbo in there

2007-12-14 05:29:00
Might I add that, now that I took the time needed to fully read your above posts, you're only concern is the quality of products. There is a system we have called members. We communicate. Whether it be through the iTrader ratings or dispute threads or directly, we communicate. That's all you need to know the quality of a product. Nobody knows the quality until it is purchased. If it's low quality, it's low quality. They will inform the community of this. If it's fraud, it will be taken to the local authority (or a PayPal dispute in many cases). We've caught a good number of scammers this way (see the original forum blacklist for proof). If it's so unbelievably unsafe as you claim, it would be illegal.. Again, go to the authorities. This is all worked out in a natural course of communication. We don't need these 'safeguards' for something that happens already.
2007-12-15 23:36:18
Thanks for pointing out the methods being employed, in such fashion, to me.

1) I respect all of your views.

2) I appreciate the single vote, even though it wasn't in my favor.

3) My sincere apologies to anyone who was upset or grossly misunderstood my statements.
(I feel there were many; find it hard to see how it happened so fast, by so many people at once, who didn't seem to keep it to the issue of quality).

4) I apologize if it sounded like a challenge to any person; and not decorum.

Please close this thread, I shall not post about it, ever again.
2007-12-16 02:00:27
i am confused as to what is going on. as far as i have ever understood we have voted. maybe not formaly, but our voice has always been heard as a comunity in one way or another. things started to become alittle "comunist" at the end, but oh well.
2007-12-16 02:06:39
Originally Posted by Moto
Thanks for pointing out the methods being employed, in such fashion, to me.

1) I respect all of your views.

2) I appreciate the single vote, even though it wasn't in my favor.

3) My sincere apologies to anyone who was upset or grossly misunderstood my statements.
(I feel there were many; find it hard to see how it happened so fast, by so many people at once, who didn't seem to keep it to the issue of quality).

4) I apologize if it sounded like a challenge to any person; and not decorum.

Please close this thread, I shall not post about it, ever again.

Per OP request, thread closed.
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