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Thread: sr20det vtc no spark/ no start

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2011-11-18 19:49:30
Is this an s13 that the motor is in or an s14?

If its an s13 the power comes from the one of the two plugs in the passenger front corner of the engine bay by the headlight. Should be a black w/Red wire on the vehicle side.

You did say this was an s14 motor, harness, and ecu correct? The wires should be running from the Interior plug by the ecu into the engine bay and connect to those two plugs.

If its an s14 then all your powers are going to be on the interior plug inside by the ecu. I cant recall the colors at the moment but for the most part almost all the nissan coil main supply power wires are black w/red or blue w/red. You can find diagrams for the swaps online. You lost your coil ignition power. Its either going to be a bad wiring connection or you have a blown ignition fuse.
2011-11-19 13:44:38
I have a 95 240sx. With sr20det vtc 5 speed.
2011-11-19 14:10:27
I see a a little black box next to the ecu it has 2 female connectors on it and the only connecter that fits is the little on. Wire colors are black, green, dk blue, blue, pink, orang/green line. I clipped it back in. I dont know if its suppose to be clipped in. I dont want to fry something and be double trouble. What sites are good for sr20det wiring swaps? Should i clip it in and try to start?
2011-11-19 17:25:37
dont think that is it. Just search around for the diagram. All your powers come from the interior plug. Which is a skinny long plug that has a lever on it that would normally be connected into the other half. The interior plugs have to be completely rewired to do the swap, most people just cut the one off the engine harness and wire on the original usdm interior plug. Pretty easy to do. Again what you can do is look at your coils, look at the wire color and trace that wire color back to its original location.
2011-11-19 17:49:35

Index of /FSM/misc/SR S14 SR FSM
2011-11-19 18:28:54
Assuming the wires are the same color and generally they are, the diagram should be fairly accurate. However only difference being the usdm model had only one coil and wiring might be slightly different. But same general idea. Again easiest way is to use a multimeter and trace the wire back from the coil to its source, checking the relays and fuses of the circuit.

Your eccs relay is obviously working being the ecu is powering on and triggering the injectors and so on. So you can eliminate that. Either you have a bad connection at the interior plug, blown fuse supplying coil power, or bad coil relay if the usdm model uses a coil relay.
2011-11-20 18:36:52
That helps so much. I was looking for my relays and couldn't find them anywhere. Turns out they were connected to a trail of wires electric taped and tucked into a hole on the passenger floor panel behind the ecu next to where all the ecu grounds are. I couldn't see them. I had to pull on the wires and they moved. Then had to work them up to the top and out the hole and the ground wires were taking up some of the room I needed. The 2 blue relays where connected to a metal bracket and that gave it less room to pull them out. Turns out both relays weren't working when i turned on the key. no click.I replace both and it fired. Your wire diagram helped me look for the relays and that was my problem. Only it ran rough. I let her warm up and she smoothed out but im having a miss fire. She doesn't run as strong and runs rich. Do you think that I have a bad coil that might have gotten a reverse current burning it out and that killed both relays at the same time. Thats rare that both failed at same time. I'm gonna get new plugs to start and if she still runs like she does. Ill look at coils. but thanks for all your help. She runs now at least.
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2011-11-20 18:46:31
Good deal, you might want to check the rest of the wiring job. If they did that bound to be more.
2011-11-20 20:46:35
So it turned out to be your eccs relay then, those two relays are your fuel pump relay and eccs relay. If the diagram is the same then your eccs relay when triggered supplies power to your coil pack relay. So thats what solved that.

I would definitely check over the wiring make sure connections are proper, not butt connected together but soldered and heat shrunk. Ive seen a lot of crappy wiring jobs that ive had to go and fix.

Glad you got it running.
2021-10-22 04:48:10
Hey, did you ever figure this out? I need help dealing with it now
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