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Thread: No Anti-Seize on NGK spark plug threads?

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2011-10-31 01:00:18
No Anti-Seize on NGK spark plug threads?
Just found out that NGK advises against using anti seize compounds on their spark plugs. Did you guys know this?
2011-10-31 01:54:50
I've never put anti-seize on spark plugs. Never saw a need for it tbh.
2011-10-31 02:07:49
Right if you check them once or twice in their lifetime (which should be less than 2 years maybe 3 tops if you run plats) there is no need.

I run coppers on my cars.
2011-10-31 02:22:42
never knew this. I run coppers so i change them alot but good info
2011-10-31 07:15:53
Shocked the hell out of me when I read that.
2011-10-31 08:50:58
Yes I knew this and for aluminum heads antisieze is pretty much pointless. Antiseize was developed to prevent rusting in the threads of cast iron heads that would seize the plugs in there.

It is pointless to use it on our cars and i never use it on any car I work on. Its really pointless unless you live in a high rust prone area then maybe but not on a ngk plug.

Another thing ive noticed is that how many people cant properly tighten down a spark plug especially an ngk with the crush washers on them. A lot of people feel the plug initially get tight and then stop thinking its tight. No, little more effort to crush the washer and then tighten it down all the way. Ive seen way too many cars come in that just had spark plugs replaced and they are all loose. One was soo bad it blew the spark plug out of the head and ruined the threads in the head. Had to be helicoiled. So make sure you crush the washer properly as well.

Most auto parts stores will try and sell you anti seize packets for 99 cents when you get plugs. I always tell them ummm thats not needed or recommended put it back, lol.
2011-10-31 12:53:52
Woah. Whooooaahhh!

First VVL I bought stripped threads, factory plugs in there.

I've used anti-seize ever since. I've never had a problem.

hell, even my wife's car I didn't used antiseize on the threads and was scared last time I pulled plugs on it. It seriously was about to strip the head. Is it really worth the risk?

I've never had a plug blow out the hole, but that's because I torque to spec.

I work in a parts store, and you have no idea how many people come in claiming they got "Bad plugs" from us when 1-2years down the road they strip their heads.

Also, I should add that the aluminum won't rust, but in most cases the plugs do. The plugs themselves are steel and when detailing a car water can get in the plug holes... just a little is all it takes, and no antiseize can make for a bad day later on.

I am sure other's can argue against it. But I'll never risk stripping a head by not using the stuff. We'll have to agree to disagree on that point.
2011-10-31 13:11:42
Some times I use it, sometimes I don't.
2011-10-31 13:59:45
Never used Anti-seize and never had any issues. Mind you I remove my spark plugs at least once a month to either check them, replace them, do a compression test, basically for tuning reasons
2011-10-31 15:55:55
New to me....

So what about cleaning the anti seize out/off if you did?
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