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2011-10-28 23:46:18
Hello All,

New to the forums. I drive a 91 SE-R with a U12 Bluebird swap; that I flog the shit out of. No motor mods, Garret FMIC, T25@7.5 psi. Minor suspension upgrades. B&G Solo3 coilovers, and Nissan Motor Sports sway bar bushings. B14 wheels. Stock brakes with custom steel braided lines. 01 SE clutch disc w/Spec Stage1 Pressure Plate. Have been running the DE ECU with US sensors for 5 years. Oddly enough ran great, just hellaciously rich through the mid range as it was maxing out the MAF. Finally spun a rod bearing. last month and it has been sitting. I will be freshening the car up in the coming months. Just a basic engine rebuild. Also doing some needed chassis maintenance(200k mi.+) Installing the rest of the full set of Nissan Mo. Sport bushings I have been sitting on. PAINT! and the fun part, I will be installing and tuning Mega Squirt 3 engine management system. I will do my best to share my experience with everybody. stay tuned.
2011-10-29 04:51:31
welcome to the family post pics of the car
2011-10-29 05:10:43
Welcome and yes pics of the car. As far as I know there is only one other person on here (that actually posts) that runs megasquirt ems on his b14 se-r. His info can be found in his build thread if you havent seen it already. If you need any help on it im sure you can hit him up and get some advice. I know he is no longer using the distributor and running a crank sensor on the crank pulley and so on to run the car. Pretty basic setup using some minor fabrication.


Again welcome. Pretty much anything SR20 related you can find it in this forum in the how to section when it comes to torque specs, builds, tips and tricks and so on. We have a very very good tech section here and a lot of good people that know what they are doing and are more than willing to help out.
2011-10-29 06:36:58
Hello fellow Floridian.
2011-10-29 11:58:56
Where in FL are you located man? I can say that there are certain parts of our state that B13's are "watched" over so depending on where you are, I'd advise that you be careful. This forum has way less traffic that the other father forum, however does still have traffic. Last time I remember I think the tally on missing B13 dowth south from Ft. Lauderdale to Kendall was in the teens, or maybe higher. Glad you joined up and cool current mods and future plans. Mine is in a garage kept behind 2 other cars so I'm a little bit anal about it. Good luck with all you future plans and keep that car safe!
2011-10-29 15:01:26
Thanks guys. I will get some pics up soon. Its not much to look at right now. And yes I have heard of a few B13 being stolen in florida. Im in the northern part of the state and I will leave it at that. If someone were to swipe my car, i can assure you I would be able find them and kill them, repeatedly. Again thanks. pics soon to come.
2011-10-29 17:38:09
I didn't know that b13 were stolen much I don't keep my car in a garage :/
2011-10-30 00:17:11




Kinda crappy pics. sorry
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2011-10-30 00:36:17
And while im at it. Here is what I did today. Removed the engine and trans. Disassembled the bottom end to inspect and figure out exactly what happened. Not sure yet, and need to tear it down more.



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