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Thread: keyless remote broke where ring goes..what to do?

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2011-10-28 20:03:52
keyless remote broke where ring goes..what to do?
Besides get a new one..anyone have any good ideas on how to fix the key fob when the part that goes inside the key ring breaks off?

I was thinking I could maybe get some sort of carrying 'case' with a plastic clear side so I can see the buttons and then re-attach the case/pouch the key fob is in back onto the key chain. Another idea was drilling a hole through the fob and then maybe zip tying it around the ring. not sure what others have come up with.


p.s. for those unsure what I'm talking about..here's a pic, but replace the fob in the pic with the b14 fob.

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2011-10-28 20:25:40
drill a new hole dude.......
2011-10-28 20:26:25
2011-10-28 21:07:35
drill a hole, ebay, ziptie. you can find new keyfobs on ebay for dirt cheap. i remember buying 2 for my b15 for 25 shipped a couple of years ago.
2011-10-28 21:18:17
Sameyhing happens to me I ended up loosing it one day
2011-10-29 01:21:52
they sell key fob fixers on ebay
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