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Thread: Just bought my first SE-R!

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2011-10-20 00:10:06
Just bought my first SE-R!
For the first time in my life I own an SE-R! I always wanted one since I was younger. But an NX2000 popped up first and I fell in love with them! Ive owned four Nx2000's over the past 7 years. But never an SE-R! Im am the pround owner of a Jet Black non sunroofed 1993 SE-R! Pics to come tom if I can pick it up then.
2011-10-20 00:17:24
Very nice, I was the same way with about having se-rs vs nx's, while i dont mind the looks of the nx and even tried to own one but just couldnt convince myself to keep it so i sold it to my buddy after he wrecked his 200sx se-r.

Ive driven my buddies turbod nx multiple times and was even using it as a daily driver for a while since he had his other car and mine was down for upgrades. But just couldnt stick with one. Ive had 3 se-rs in my lifetime, my original 91 aztec red, my white one i have now and a burgundy 93 w/ power everything and in great condition other than the clear. I used the burgundy one for a couple months as a daily driver but then sold it and made a couple grand on it because i got if for 800 bucks on ebay from Cali and turned around and sold it for 3k.

Enjoy, I love the look of the se-rs way more than the nx. IMO
2011-10-20 00:19:31
Cool . Isn't there a part out thread on this car though? Are you keeping it now?

I'm a fan of black classics. I'm the other way around. I liked the NX2k first but a classic came into my life before an NX2k ever did.

I have a 93 Black Hardtop Se-R myself. It definitely needs a refresh. but every time I take a good look at it I get a big ass grin on my face. At this point I'm going to say I prefer the Se-Rs over the NXs. I like the NXs but a hardtop b13 Se-R just has serious business written all over it.
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2011-10-20 00:26:15
Na the Motor out of my Electric blue NX is being parted out. This is most likely going to be a bone stock SR20DE reliable daily driver. Its actually got a good body with no rust. When I get it tom hopefully ill post pictures. Its got some good parts that Ill be putting up for sale also. Moshimoto Rad, B&M short shifter, ES bushings, Prothane motor mounts, 6 B13 SER rims, fidanza flywheel etc. It was my boy Emir (AKA Sh1ft) on the old forums SE-R. He took care of it and maintained it well. He just cant use it anymore and sold it to me for a deal that even a crackhead wouldnt pass up!
2011-10-20 00:56:07
Awesome no sunroof Ser less headache I just got rid of all the leaks money had.
2011-10-20 00:56:56
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