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Thread: Misfiring, Running rich and using alot of gas

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2011-09-16 00:04:55
Misfiring, Running rich and using alot of gas
so the other day my car (1993 gti pulsar with a sr20det in it) was running good, i water blasted the body etc, i drove bak to my house and was running fine, that night i went go out and it started running bad like misfired, after 10mins it was running fine untill about 30kms later started misfiring bad, i took it to the shop and found that one of the injector leads was hanging out which made it run on 3 cylinders they also found a big vaccum u leak, after this was fixed it ran a lot better but it still runs rich and misfires at idle,and i think a bit while driving, its not the idle valve cause thats been cleaned etc.
its running sr18de ecu and injectors which made it go and run fine so its not because of that.

any one have any ideas??
2011-09-16 00:13:59
is the sr18 ecu chipped? and aren't those the same injectors as a sr20de, if so dont you think thats going to run way lean for a det?
2011-09-16 00:19:13
na just a standard ecu, yea it would run lean but for some reason its running rich and misfiring, it was running fine before tho
2011-09-16 00:19:53
lol wow..
2011-09-16 00:21:15
what lol
2011-09-16 00:48:31
ok i dont know alot about turbo stuff, but im pretty sure running the wrong ecu and injectors is a no no.

do a compression check, also unplug each injector 1 at a time to see if theres a difference in idle..
2011-09-16 05:26:47
Yeah, id be checking that compression. Where abouts are you?

I think back in the old days some people used to run det engines on stock de ecus, and let the 370cc injectors in the det take care of the extra fuel, but it was very close to disaster on the best of setups, drivable if you keep off boost until you can get a tune, but thats it.
2011-09-16 05:57:31
You were given ALL the answers and things to check in the multiple threads you made on PGA, but it looks like, yet again, you'll ignore all the advice given and just ask for someone to give you a magic wand solution.

Car problems

Take some advice that people have already spent time to give you.
2011-09-16 06:46:25
Sounds like the ecu crapped out, the same thing happened to mine, but why are you running that computer?
2011-09-18 21:44:05
yea ill check the injecters next time but i dont think its that cause it doesnt sound like its running on 3 cylinders type thing. and yea ill do a compresstion test, if the compression is bad what does it mean?

and im running the sr18de and injecters because the engine never came with ecu ive got the 370cc injecters but if i put them in then it would run rich?

i live in NZ if thats what you mean by where am i

and what were the symptoms of your ecu crapping out?, couldve of water blasting it made the ecu crap out? (water causeing something to spark)
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