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Thread: Water leaking, wet floors -_-

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2011-09-08 10:10:09
Water leaking, wet floors -_-
I have a 1995 240sx, and after it rains and i hit any puddles i can feel my floor on my passenger sides (front n back) and it gets soaked!

I know the water has to be seeping from the bottom of the car and wetting my carpet from the puddles splashing up and I was thinking about using Flex seal

( https://www.getflexseal.com/?tag=he|af&a_aid=OF&a_bid=01ccd057&data1=756 )

If i can spray this stuff on the underside of my car where the leak is i know this stuff will do the trick

now how to find the leaking spot with out flex sealing my whole car?

I was thinking about during the dark of the night, getting a strong flashlight and pressing it on the floor of the passanger inside of car, then looking under the car to see where the lights coming from.. So i can isolate the spot and flex seal it.

Anyways its stressing me out cause I hate the damp and mustyness of the car after it rains and id like some feed back =)
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2011-09-08 14:25:17
hmm i have some holes in my daily. I'll keep my eye on this thread
2011-09-08 15:40:52
Do you know 100% sure it's coming from the bottom? I had the same problem with a recent shell I picked up. I asked the previous owner if it ever leaked and he said no. Since my area had been bombarded with rain in the past month, I had to look deeper into the problem. My carpet was soaked on the passenger side front and back. So I decided to removed the carpet to see where it was coming from and shop-vac the puddles for the next rain storm. Next storm came, same deal but much worst without the carpet in. Look into the firewall and found one hole that could be the culprit, seems what I thought. Shop-vac the puddle again and did my own leak down test with a garden hose. Looking at the hole in the firewall, I didn't see any water leaking in. I couldn't gather enough from the test to come to a conclusion. Waited for next rain storm to hit, same deal more water on passenger side. Looked around the hood area and found the rubber seal between hood and windshield was missing, causing water run off into the engine wiring harness hole. In my case, I didn't have an engine installed yet leaving the harness hole prone to the elements. Installed a new rubber seal, Hurricane Irene hits, checked the car after stormed moved away and no more leaks.

Could be something simple or major but you will need to remove carpet to get to the problem. Check floor boards for rot, firewall for unsuspected holes and even the rubber seal on the hood to make sure it's not missing or dry rotted.
2011-09-08 16:01:23
are the plastic guards in the fender wells???
2011-09-08 17:15:32
1, that flex seal is just rubberized undercoating that they are charging too much for.

2, get out the hose on a dry day, pull the carpet up on the pass side, start spraying on the passenger side windshield/cowl area and see what happens. Once the carpet is up too check for any obvious wholes or rust.

3, check for any unplugged/leaky holes on the firewall too.
2011-09-08 17:44:35
Hmmm ill try removing the carpet and checking

and ill check the plug

btw i was thinking it was a hole because it can get rained on allot and I get no leaks. When i drive and actually hit puddles i can feel it starting to get soaked within 30 seconds.
2011-09-08 22:40:45
Ohhh i have a s15 front end conversion on my 1995 240, i have no guards
2011-09-08 23:51:44
i know when i had my S13(i know you have an S14, but its prob similar) on the passenger side behind the guard was a hole for something that went into the car, when your riding into the puddles that could be the issue...
2011-09-09 00:57:01
If you have no fender liners i would check for holes there first.
2011-09-09 01:10:04
Check for squirlz
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