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Thread: Anyone with BC 264cams? And psi question:

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2011-09-04 01:08:15
Anyone with BC 264cams? And psi question:
Im currently getting bc cams 264, the retainers, valves, valve springs and adjustable cam gears, all BC

Im currently running a sr20det s14 blackstop stock, except FMIC, 3inch exhaust, inatake, BoV

So its the stock t28 turbo

Stock ecu, so no tune

Anyone have this setup ?

Ive been reading allot on this and im getting mixed views...

Some are saying theres no power gains, some say there is..

Also I read:
"The stock turbo will be safe to 13-15 psi. After that, the turbo is past its efficiency range, and power increases will fall off and are not worth the risk of turbo damage. The stock engine should produce 250-260 RWHP at safe boost using stock turbo. Upgrading turbo, fuel and rest of need parts will yield 300-375. "

So if i go from 11 psi to 13 added with my BC cams i gotta get some gains i just gotta...
2011-09-04 04:28:28
I would swap the cams in first and keep the boost the same. That way you can see what gains are from the cams. They should make more power at the same boost level for sure, especially with the adjustable cam gears. Up the boost to 14psi after that as long as you have the fuel to cover it. That would probably require getting a daughterboard at the least and an adjustable fpr so you can keep the stock injectors & run them at 4bar fuel pressure. I think you may run out of injector with those cams on 11psi.. If you are running a stock fuel pump I would also upgrade that since you are probably pushing that to the limit as it is. If money is an issue, drop the retainers & valves to save money. You don't need aftermarket valves & retainers for your set up. You could even run stock springs as long as you don't rev too high (7500max). The turbo will run out of breath past that anyway so it isn't worth revving higher than 7500. The money you will save can go towards the things that will actually make you power, safely, that I listed above. That is my advise, take it or leave it..... It is what I think you should do if you are looking for more power without changing too much on your setup. You could just run an e-manage instead of a daughterboard and just make the changes on injector size and run the stock maps otherwise. When you get money to hit the dyno, then you can tune your setup to make the most power and play with cam gear settings. Leave them straight up until you hit the dyno.
2011-09-04 08:08:36
Thanks for the response, Im going to consider getting 550cc injectors, and a 255 fuel pump soon as possible.. the walbro Fuel pump is cheap, the injectors how ever ill need to find a good deal.

Im kinda already stuck with the valve springs and retainers, and valves...

But hey atleast I wont need to get them in the future.

So ima just chill at 11 psi

I will atleast get some gains with just the cam work, wich for now is good enough..
2011-09-04 12:27:22
you do know that you have to pull the head to install new valves right? You can always return things that you don't need. With 550s you will need some sort of way to tell the ecu that you have made changes, you can't just put in bigger injectors without at least changing your fuel tables. You should stick to maybe 8-9 psi with the cams because I fear you are going to run out of injector at 3bar fuel pressure.
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