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Thread: timing

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2008-03-24 20:03:13
which mark on the crank pully is the first piston all the way up?
2008-03-24 20:39:45
what motor is in your car.
2008-03-24 20:40:03
2008-03-24 20:44:18
it all depends on the year of the U13 motor.

It will either start

-5, 0, 5, 10, 15


0, 5, 10, 15

The best thing to do is to put a long screwdriver down in the number one piston hole or a long skinny stick and turn the motor untill it goes all the way to the top the zero mark will line up.

I will make a gues that yours is 0, 5, 10, 15
2008-03-25 09:19:55
Miko, im sat at 0,5,10,15 cam gears are 10 and 12 and she doesnt want to start. Feels like its turning over too fast. i dont know what i am missing. You think i should try -5 0 5 10 15. i have spark i have fuel. does the piston have to be all the way at the top or a little bit before the top. any help would be great im lost. also i have a cam from a 97 ser because i cracked mine. would that cause it not to start like that
2008-03-25 09:44:04
Do you have 20 rollers between teeth? Tight between exh. cam and crank, and tensioner tightened between crank and intake cam?

When you have the motor at TDC for cylinder one, the screwdriver should be at it's uppermost position. The mark on the crank pulley should be dead on. Then verify your cams are at 10 and 12 o'clock, 20 rollers between cams.
2008-03-25 23:11:08
should still start with alllll of that messed up, ask me how i know.

this could be a problem for a HARD start but it would still start, there is more of a problem at hand
2008-03-26 01:54:00
i got it running the timing was real off
2008-03-26 22:31:45
what is really off? engine timing or distributor
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