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Thread: Brake Bleeder Frozen, Options?

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2011-08-23 01:29:24
Brake Bleeder Frozen, Options?
Went to bleed my brake system today and found that I cannot for the life of me open the front caliper bleeders. I didn't even try the rears tbh, but at this point I'm just wondering what my options were. Seems my simple task of bleeding the lines has turned into a minimum $120 project, more if the rears are the same. All I can think is to replace the calipers entirely, unless someone knows of a way I can get the damn bleed screw out and just replace that.

I really dont want to replace all this crap because of the screws being rusty and rounding off with a vise grip.
2011-08-23 01:41:10
You try shooting it with PB Blaster?
2011-08-23 01:45:01
Theres alot of options.

Pb blast like above let sit over night and retry.

Vice grips

Last resort drill a hole the size of the bleeder in a thick metal rod, then slip it over the bleeder. Hit it with a good weld and break her free

If those methods dont work ur only resort is to buy a new caliper.

2011-08-23 01:49:40
did the pb and vise grips already with no luck. seems like it's new caliper time.
2011-08-23 01:59:05
This just popped in my head, weld a nut on it. Then crack her free.

2011-08-23 02:03:14
what material is the bleeder made of? The other important thing is, are bleeder screws available for our calipers?
2011-08-23 02:04:02
Steel. It rusts clearly...

2011-08-23 02:20:35
No don't have to that, smack the caliper around the bleeder and take a socket bigger than the bleeder and hit it with the hammer a couple times, heating it up a little bit also helps, if you need bleeders i can give you some.
2011-08-23 17:05:03
pb blaster, heat it up with a torch, vice grips, iirc it should be a 8mm or 9mm socket that you can hammer over, and crack loose. they sell the bleeders at autozone for about 1.50 iirc. you loose the socket, but just pick another one up.
2011-08-23 17:38:18
Heat and PB blaster. Doin the brakes sucks. With enough heat it'll come loose. Just don't catch the car on fire. I did that this weekend with my truck
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