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Thread: Bad bearing?

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2011-08-22 16:16:25
Bad bearing?
I changed the clutch with a the help of a friend in the summer of 2010 and the car seemed ok. But, something strange happen to my 1995 200sx after going through a car wash in fall. Its started making a clanking sound in the front driver side wheel area at low speeds. At higher speeds the sound seemed to go away. So after not driving it for 6 months the sound went away when I drove it again in June 2011. On my way home on Sunday it rained and the next drive the clanking metal sound came back.

I have 362,000 km on the car and I've never changed the bearings. Is it the bearings?

2011-08-23 19:41:20
When I bought my NX2000, over 2 years ago, drove it for 100 miles I got a clicking sound of a CV joint that got worse. Also some bird like singing and after 10k miles suddenly the CV started to grind at 60mph for about 10 minutes and went back to chirping a bit and even to completeley silent again or atleast very very faint.

Turned out to be the CV of course but also the wheel bearing on that side failed quite rapid in a way of getting free play and I still have to replace all the parts, but I expect the singing/ chirping was the bearing but any rattling and cluncking is the CV (but it can sing too)

What surprised me the CV was all quiet in winters and on hot summer days with braking to a stand still developed a click.

As said after 10k miles the CV noise is so bad one shouldn't drive it and the wheel bearing had so much free play it was about to fall apart.

You can check wheelbearing for audible noise by turning the wheel, might need a trained ear, somebody had to explain me this turning my wheel.

Also you can check axial free play by grabing the wheel with both arms so to say and wiggle it around. turn the wheel a little and repeat to be sure I had a bearing that on 25% of the circumference of the wheel didn't show play and on the rest a lot of play

I would go with the bearing for now. I ended up both the bearing and CV ending life together. The other side, that bearing was replaced before. I'll still have to check out the CV

all at about 120k miles.
2011-08-29 22:07:43
I took it out for a drive a few days ago and the clanking rattling is still apparent at low speeds.

I don't think there's any play in the wheel. But, I'll check it again ASAP and the CV boots.
2011-08-29 22:17:03
Today I installed the other wheelbearing/ wheel hub assembly.

It turned out to be the spindle. I'll post later on this.

However the CV joint, and I mean, it is really the CV joint, went totally silent. I tried.

I hope to learn about the state of that CV joint, when I replace it.

I regret that I have no means of measuring the spindle to learn what is different right there, but that is another thing, I'll let you know as soon as I can.
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