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Thread: Starting Issues

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2011-08-16 12:45:01
Starting Issues
Fuuuuuuu! Anyways, made sure all of the connections are secure and still can't get her to start. Couple things:

1. I have used two batteries, one is a full size battery the other is a deka EX14 with 220CCA. Full size battery will give me the continues clicking noises while the EX14 will spark/short and then I get no power to the car until I unhook both cables and reattach them.

2. Got the car cranking by jumping it from another running car, cables got very warm and a little smoke from my battery after cranking it for about 45-60 seconds trying to prime the new motor. I know the starter works, sounded a little sluggish but atleast I know my motor turns over.

3. Full sized battery is known to be good, worked for years when before I swapped out my motor and was sitting on the charger over night, I get 12.9V from both batteries.

Heres a video, you can hear the first spark(can't see it but that's what it sounds like) the first time I try to crank it over then it just clicks.

DET won't start - YouTube
2011-08-16 17:39:26
Bad starter? If things started to smoke while jumping it something is drawing a whole lot of current. The starter motor could be froze but as you can hear the actuator is working.
2011-08-16 17:47:44
The starter was working last night which is odd though...
2011-08-16 18:05:09
shit happens. check the obvious things first.
2011-08-16 20:50:21
Well any cable's going to get warm if you're continuously cranking for near 1min. The starter circuit isn't designed to be engaged that long, maybe 10sec max is all I'd put it through. The spark, though, could be something as simple as a connection that needs to be secured more, or as bad as an internal short in the wiring or starter motor.

I'd suggest first trying a new starter, loosening the acc'y belts a bit, and see if you can get a normal cranking speed first. Without that, starting will be tough and you risk burning out wires or the starter itself if you hold it on for too long.


Something else to consider is a short elsewhere in your electrical system. Something you can try is to disconnect your battery entirely, and only supply power to the starter power supply wire and leave the wire to the fuse boxes unpowered. Ground to the block, see if it turns over at a normal speed.
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