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Thread: For those who have working cruise control (B13)

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2011-08-14 19:37:13
For those who have working cruise control (B13)
A while back I started working on getting my cruise working again on my 92 NX2K. I've rewired alot of stuff so far in an attempt. I've done alot of digging on the dash, without much result, and the 91, 93, and 94 FSMs. Well, my 91 FSM doesn't cover cruise because I've read It wasn't an opiton. In 93, 94 they started using a separate ECU to control the auto trans vs 91, 92, so cruise works a little different. The 93 FSM I have isn't a true FSM, but more of a guide. It's weird, and IDK where I downloaded it. So, that left me with the 94 FSM, and a little write up on SE-R.net.

I finally got all of the wiring straightened out.....I believe anyway. My NX is an auto to manual swap, so a bit of rewiring was in order to restore it to factory. I took the old Inhibit Clutch relay out (6 Pin grey for auto), and wired in a Clutch Interlock relay (4 Pin blue for manual). The P/N signal that used to go from the inhibit switch to the inhibit relay to allow the start signal to pass on the auto trans was replaced by the clutch pedal switch.

There were 2 extra wires in the inhibit relay that cut cruise. In a manual application they would go to the additional clutch pedal switch in the rear. The neutral signal also went through the inhibit relay. I hooked up my reverse, and neutral switches. The switch I had for neutral was an old reverse switch, and didn't work. The switches operate differently internally. The neutral signal wire only runs from the ECU to the neutral switch, and somehow sends signal to the ASCD (cruise control ECU) to cut cruise for accidental neutral.

The ASCD I used was from a 93 manual. The 93 was different than my old 92. The plug was bigger, but the pinout was the same, so I just spliced the plug to my harness. I looked on courtesy, and it showed different ASCDs for different years, and between auto-manual. From what I could gather they all worked the same internally. One extra pin was used for OD cancel in auto applications. Though the mounting locations was different for the 92 vs 93-94 because of the addition of the auto computer used in 93-94. The 92 ASCD is mounted behind the left kick panel on the driver side, but the auto computer was mounted in that spot in 93-94, and the ASCD was put under the dash on the left of the steering column.

So, last night I swapped in an actual neutral switch I got a while back from Pull A Part. I went out for a test drive afterwards, and played with it a little. I've always thought the cruise light in the cluster was supposed to illuminate whenever you activate cruise with the little switch next to the cluster dimmer. I thought that's what mine used to do when it was an auto? I don't really remember too well. It does illuminate when I set cruise though. I didn't even know it was working because the light never came on before. So, I wanted to test the neutral safety switch out, and I pulled it out of gear while driving. It didn't cut though, but revved up. IDK if the neutral switch is bad? I'm going out to test it shortly. I tested a few at the junk yard, and this one seemed to work. Who knows though, it may be just working intermittently.
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