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Thread: my sr20 has no power at all!help out guys!!!!

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2011-08-04 18:25:08
Edit: Do you still have the original engine in there???
2011-08-04 18:35:18
^ Check the head code
2011-08-04 18:38:28
No when I bough the car it already had the RR..Check the head code?with an obd2 scanner?
2011-08-04 18:43:24
He was saying to check the head code number on the side of the cylinder head to know what engine it has in it!

But if you are sure that you have a RR SR20DE in it, here is the FSM for that engine. But it is from a 2000-2001 sentra so some of the electrical will be different and won't match what you have in your car, but the engine information will be the same.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone put a Roller Rocker in an SE-R. That's a first for me!

Here is the Factory service manual for a 2001 Sentra, which has the RR SR20DE engine in it. This may help a bit.

Index of /FSM/Sentra/2001_Sentra

And a 2000 Sentra:

Index of /FSM/Sentra/2000_Sentra
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2011-08-04 18:43:45
No the head driver side should say a number mine says 53j4L its right under the distributor
2011-08-04 18:46:37
^ LOL I know. I just wasn't being specific when I said side of engine because he said he had a RR in there so didn't need to check. But yes ^ it can be found where he said!
2011-08-04 18:48:42
among the things that have already been mentioned, also check for vacuum leaks. You mentioned you had a bit of white build up on you plugs which means you're running hot/lean. How many miles are on the chassis? Depending on the miles, the MAF could be dirty and/or on it's way out as well.
2011-08-04 18:57:05
Sorry im a newb haha....Really? Well I was on the forum talking tothe peeps,they said if I didn't have the oil lines on top of the head than I have an RR.. ill check when I get off work tho..hmm maybe I should build this RR instead of going vvl haha..so how do I check if mines jdm?and I thought Nissan's RR line didn't start till 2000 and up?
2011-08-04 19:00:30
On the chassis it has around 190xxx but motor "supposedly" around 60k
2011-08-04 19:02:51
Take some pics for us. lol. You could have some funky stuff going on if someone did a swap on your car. Most people that put RR's into a B14 or P10 will swap out the intake manifold to the regular lowport so that they can keep all the same sensors.
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