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Thread: SR20 swap survey

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2008-03-25 16:09:43
My VE has lasted since last April. It has been running great, and as mentioned before, the only problems that have come up have been due to skimpage during the swap.

If I could do it over, or had the time and another dd to take the motor out this summer. I would have replaced all bushings EVERYWHERE up front, deleted PS, and used a new VE water pump, not my de one. I would have tucked my wires, and filled holes in the bay, as well as repainting the bay. And, relocated the battery. Also, plan to get your perfect clutch-flywheel combo, and while your down there replace t/o bearings and clips. JB weld or replace your tranny, get a Miko tranny saving bar. Do all little mods too, like the clutch cable adjustment mod...etc.

If you have money, plan to do all that and more. Do bearings, tie-rod ends, and axle or steering rack boots that look cracked, and any rusted pieces of metal need to be sanded or cleaned/painted whatever. Oh, contact GReg, and pickup every little seal you can think of, like main seals and tranny axle seals. CHEAP and easy things to rejuvenate the car.

Once its all back together, I guarantee the only thing that will happen to the car is something you didn't replace or half-assed when you put everything back together will bite you where it hurts...so don't expect that half stripped bolt to last you when you finally get it thrown onto the motor mount...

My swap took about 3 weeks, but that was because it was for a school project and I had to take that amount of time. Realistically with the car in this condition a swap could be done in under 1 week with no job or school...etc. Oh, and it always costs more then you plan so don't even kid yourself about it.

Hope that helped.

2008-03-25 17:29:57
thats like asking how long does your gas last or your tires ?........too many variables in the situation
2008-03-27 09:10:30
too any variables to take into consideration with this question, just depnds on how well you treat the engine, maintaining it,ect
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