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Thread: 93 sr20de rebuld thread/questions!

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2011-07-28 01:22:54
93 sr20de rebuld thread/questions!
Hey guys, i bought a 93sr20de off a buddie for $100! He threw a bearing, then had the motor rebult, but aparently the mechanic didnt re spin the crank. So when my buddy put it back in his car it didnt run very good. so my buddy said fuck it, bought a VE for his car, and sold me the sr20 CHEAP! (right now i have a 96 200sx with a vastly modded ga16) So i took the head off, and it all looks BEAUTIFUL!. So does the bottem end, but my questoin will start off buy asking if its possible to replace the crankshaft without having to take the pistons out?(you have to redo the piston rings if they leave the cylider right? Im new at motor rebulding so dont hate lol) If so that would make it easyer on the bottem end, id just replaced that and the bearins and then i could start putting it back together right? Any advice would be nice!!!!!!!!!!! tyvm!
2011-07-29 01:29:35
wow nobody? lol
2011-07-29 01:57:52
The pistons can stay in, you can just pull the crank and bearings, have the journals checked and get the appropriate sized bearings.
2011-07-30 20:25:17
nice find!!! just get a good used crank, and new bearings and call it a day, and u dont have to remove your pistons/rods.

do u live in the monterey county area? salinas valley?
2011-08-03 18:14:47
i live in southern arizona, right on the border of cali and mex, why?
2011-08-05 07:08:09
I rebuild engines all day everyday. I run a shop doing just that. You don't need to pull the piston/rods to remove or replace the crank. The pistons can only come out through the top anyway. You have to remove the head to get the pistons out. You can remove the crank and may even be able to reuse it without replacing it. A GOOD machinest will be straight forward with you and tell you if the crank needs to be ground or just micro polished.

Take out your crank and take it to a machinest and have him measure the journals. He can tell you what route to go and it shouldn't cost more than $100 if it has to be reground and no more than $20-30 to have it polished. Get the appropriate size bearing and reinstall. Get plastigage and check all of your clearances on all 9 bearings.

You can call me if you have any questions. 509-981-0502 Lance - Hunter Motorsports
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