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Thread: Since SR20DEForum.com was sold shouldnt the contributors get a cut?

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2007-12-13 03:04:38
Since SR20DEForum.com was sold shouldnt the contributors get a cut?
I posted this at the old site, I realize some of your arent going back there again so I thought I would post it here for discussion.

As the title states. I realize SR20Boston developed the site, but didnt we (the contributors) help keep it alive by funding it when we made our contributions to the web site? I seem to remember reading things like "help keep this site alive, become a contributor" (maybe not in those exact words, but along those lines) Maybe I am misunderstanding, but doesnt that make the contributors the same thing as investors if what we are contributing to is sold for profit? Thats like being told to donate to charity only to find out the person you are giving to is using your money for his own good. I just dont see how its right that he makes such a large chunk of change to something we all helped fund and build. Maybe I am wrong on this but something here just doesnt seem right to me....
2007-12-13 03:09:49
Meh, I doubt we were "keeping it alive" with our contributions...especially if you factor in all the time sr20boston kept it going without the contributor option..
2007-12-13 03:46:46
Your contributor account wasn't a charitable contribution. The old sr20forum has been a business for a long time. The only thing different now is the new owner is pursuing revenue much more aggressively and doesn't give a sh*t about SR20s.
2007-12-13 03:48:26
...werent you like supposed to be out drinking tonight...meh

your donation didnt buy you stock or any options into the system. sucks that some people just paid and now cant get a refund...but that happens. Like going to compUSA in the next few weeks and buying store brand...
2007-12-13 04:38:30
Originally Posted by Bowlcut
...werent you like supposed to be out drinking tonight...meh

Yup, and we did. I just know when to say when.
2007-12-13 05:21:01
This is what you bought and agreed to when you sent in your PayPal contribution:

What you get

* Browse the site ad-free
* Chatroom for realtime online chat with other forum contributors
* Nissan factory service manual (FSM) downloads
* Use the forum on the go? Use the "mobile" skin with your Smartphone/PDA.
* Choose to be invisible on the "Currently Active Users" list
* Full use of custom avatars (110x110x20k maximum)
* Private message maximum increased to 1000 (normally 140)
* Forum area just for contributors, not accessible by the general public
* 100MB of image and video hosting space
* A big bag of good karma

Nowhere in there do I see anything about having a stake or share of the forum and it is unreasonable to expect that you should have.
2007-12-13 05:45:24
Yo B, I still think your avatar has great tits.
2007-12-13 12:09:19
Originally Posted by Fastspec2
Yo B, I still think your avatar has great tits.

Reach out and give them a feel.
2007-12-13 12:59:55
2007-12-13 13:29:37
Yep face it Brennan... You got Hustled and Flowed - j/k... In all honesty, I wouldn't sweat it. What's done is done... let's concentrate on the future... like this Saturday hehehe...

Originally Posted by Andreas
Reach out and give them a feel.

I actually just did that... is that bad?
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