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Thread: Question on the back on my mind for a while now.

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2011-07-23 19:20:19
Question on the back on my mind for a while now.
Is there such thing as a bad suspension setting? If the driver is good enough shouldn't a driver be able to compensate his driving technique to accommodate any suspension setting? Let me know your thoughts.
2011-07-23 19:22:25
Yes. No. No.
2011-07-23 19:33:44
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Yes. No. No.

Agreed. If you ever work on a race team you'll learn how much suspension affects the driver. It's never the other way around.
2011-07-24 00:02:13
X 3.

By "bad" I would assume you still mean somewhat reasonably drivable? Ie...not so stupid-bad that you can hardly putt down the street without running over mail-boxes.

If the suspension is set-up lame, it will severely affect the driver no matter what the skill level. Even a professional would have to constantly correcting, with probably very little margin for error. Hypothetically it may slow down Joe Average by 5 minutes on "course X." The professional might only be slowed down by 1 minute, 30 seconds, or even 10 seconds, but that is a lifetime in a racing event.

I've seen the Stig spin out multiple times in the same "supercar" that was set-up flawed and incorrectly at the factory. As he spun backwards through the grass it appeared to me that the suspension was affecting him a great deal.
2011-07-24 00:19:44
Even a little "bad" will kill a set of tires in no time at all
2011-07-25 19:05:23
Shawn is right on the Stig, it doesn't matter how many cylinders it has or how huge and expensive it is or how big the brand is, the car is driving like a pig.

Their reasonably priced car must be fun to push over the track
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