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Thread: Fuel delivery issues

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2011-07-23 14:16:33
Fuel delivery issues
Ok so I think I got some bad gas today..

Left my house early this morning on "E" and went to a BP where I purchased $30 of 93 octane fuel. Car ran great on the way there. I even swung by the post office first. So I get the fuel, hop on the highway and as I'm cruising on the highway I apply a good amount of throttle to speed up a little and merge before my lane ended and the car felt sluggish.. I get off at my exit and the car shuts off when I pressed the clutch in.

So I pop the clutch to get it back on and I hear a sharp tapping noise from the engine bay. I give the car gas and its going but hesitating and as I keep giving it more gas it continues to slow down. I pull over and check everything and it seems fine. I start the car which was rough and the tapping noise is louder! Doesn't sound like rod knock but its definately a mechanical part making the noise. I pull off and I can barely accelerate. As I'm driving down the street the noise gets a little louder and I almost have the throttle at WOT just to maintain my same speed.

I pull over and check the car again.. seems fine So I try to start her back up and she doesn't even wanna start unless I hold full throttle and it makes that tapping noise loudly.

- Engine cranks over
- Car rolls in nuetral and stay put in gear
- Fuel pump kicks on everytime but is making a little sound like its getting air here and there
- Spark is all fine
- Oil seems fine
- Fluids are all good and full and the engine temp did not rise
- Fuel seems to look ok in tank

Does anybody have any insight on what this may be?

Any help is appreciated.
2011-07-23 15:29:50
draining gas and trying new gas and fuel additive.. thanks for the replies.
2011-07-23 15:52:37
Sounds like like a problem with the head. Thrown rocker arm, broken valve, something like that.
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