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Thread: crank but no start

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2011-07-22 20:14:28
Check the fuse on the engine bay, the one ashton is saying
This same thing happened to me about 2 weeks ago after installing my carb legal muffler and piping...
Was going to go out of the shop and car will prime but will not turn on
I was getting no spark and no fuel
I replaced that damn fuse and car started up at once
Freaked me out because I did not unplug the positive from the battery while the muffler shop was working and I had heard of ECUs getting fried by that but it was just that fuse.
Cost of repair was $2
2011-07-22 21:23:47
It was just a blown engine control fuse. Thanx
2011-07-22 21:39:33
damn im good. lol It helps when you have had your entire cars engine harness and main harness completely ripped apart to do a wire tuck. You get to learn what each and every wire does and where it goes. That and looking over wiring diagrams over and over again. lol

Glad it was something easy. Distributor was not likely. SR distributors rarely go bad. These aint honda distributors. lol
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2011-07-23 07:29:39
Originally Posted by cory
It was just a blown engine control fuse. Thanx

thats exactly what i was going to say! happend to me on the G because a friend put the starter + cable on crooked causing it to arc on the - post on the starter an fryed that link..
2011-07-26 13:23:04
hope this is the case. This describes the issue im having. Its been a few months now and still have not driven this car.
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