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Thread: funky noise

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2011-07-22 02:20:39
funky noise
what is this noise? I could be wrong but thats not supposed to sound like that right?

motor is struggling to idle at 900-1000 rpm

2011-07-22 03:58:02
Hard to tell really. Possible bad chain tensioner. Sounded like the chain was slapping the vc real hard. Or something in the valve train. I'd pop the VC and take a look. Did this just start?
2011-07-22 04:34:02
It is hard to tell in that video. Like he ^^ said. Pop valve cover. Might of popped a rocker arm. I wouldnt drive it though.
2011-07-22 13:03:14
the motor was purchased form a member on here sometime last week and was installed,, Not be myself or the regular crew with wrenches but by the owner and a superstar mechanic,,,

motor sounds real good while he's rolling down the road or throttling up to speed but when it idles it sounds like crap!

there's something not right under the VC or down in the crank case but it hard to tell without looking.. I was told under the VC looked real clean, the plan started out as if he was just going to put a bearing set in his other motor but since this one was so clean he decided to use this motor instead.. not sure what to think right now,, going to look at it a little closer this weekend if he don't loose it before then..
2011-07-23 15:50:21
Howdy Tearoffguy. Sending an email to you...
2011-07-23 22:17:57
sounds like the top chain guide is broke, had that happen on a old DE a few years back.. the chain must have been slapping it an eventually it just broke and the guide was literally riding on the chain.

if thats the issue that must be an old engine
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