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Thread: Motor was over revved and sounds like a WRX now

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2011-07-24 19:56:06
i would be sure to break something of that guys, then tell him it wasn't setup right.. what an asshole!
2011-07-25 03:41:56
Originally Posted by WingmanSR20
I just gotta say, i love how it's always referred to as sounding like a WRX or a Subaru. What do Subaru guys say when their cars sound funny?

i have an EQ length mani on my car so it, ironically enough, sounds like an sr20 lol. un EQ length mani's = broken ring lands
2011-07-25 05:19:52
Just read the whole thread. Prodrifter you are a much more patient man than I am. I would have this m/f*cker's a** and the shop paying for EVERYTHING no questions asked. It saddens and enrages me to see people that have zero respect for other people's rides and take no responsibility when it's clearly their fault when sh*t happens. Your car was fine when you drove it to the shop, said a**hole overrevs it WITHOUT your permission and says it wasn't set up properly even though he broke a rocker arm & nearly screwed up an intake cam lobe. Don't know how long you have had ties with this shop but after you settle this you need to walk away for good. Find another respectable shop or take your ride to an SR guru on the forums.
2011-07-25 05:38:09
Back in 03 i drove my first turbo b13 se-r w/ fmic, 3" exhaust, 10psi, t25, full interior. I met the dude at the track and he was from a nearby town by the track in Texas. He was kinda upset I was running as fast of times as he was in his turbo and my se-r was full bolt on all motor. Both of us on street tires, i was on azenis on my b13 wheels and he was on some 17" wheels w/ low pros. His best run of the night was like 14.4@102mph mine was 14.3@97. I asked if I could give it a shot as we had become well aquanted meeting several times at the track and so i gave it a shot, first run running 14.0@103 with a bit of wheel hop and softer launch. Next attempt I tried to launch just a bit harder and be a bit more aggressive and sure enough wheel hopped like a mother in 1st gear and hit 2nd quick and wheel hopped worse and bam, just free reved not moving. Knew i broke the axle. Coasted down the track.

He wasnt upset or anything but I still paid for his tow truck home and he said he had another driver side axle. So paid for the tow home and gave him a ride home and chatted for a while. Sure enough driver side axle snapped in the trans. I met him again a couple weeks later at the track and he was on some drag radials running low 13's like he should have been. lol.

Its just a courtesy to pay when you break someones car especially when it was obviously your doing. If it was something out of the ordinary i would still say pay for it but not soo required. But something like him grabbing your throttle cable and pulling and reving when he knows nothing about your car is retarded and his fault.
2011-07-26 00:26:28
I have a question, does the SR20DE and RWD SR20DET found in Silvia's utilize the same rocker arm?
2011-07-26 00:31:03
2011-07-27 01:44:59
well live and learn I guess. Hope you get her back together soon.
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