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Thread: Motor was over revved and sounds like a WRX now

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2011-07-21 17:40:14
lol, well its true, My buddies nx has sounded like a wrx for almost a year now because it cracked ring lands on two pistons. lol Well it sounds like a wrx at idle and to about 3000 rpm then sounds normal once it hits full boost. lol. Still smoking the hondas out there.

Never heard what a wrx sounds like when it loses a cylinder, lol. So couldnt tell ya. The ej motors just sound like they have a dead cylinder. lol.
2011-07-21 17:55:42
Originally Posted by WingmanSR20
I just gotta say, i love how it's always referred to as sounding like a WRX or a Subaru. What do Subaru guys say when their cars sound funny?

I drove a WRX for 5 years, and every damn day it sounded like it was broken to me.

I've been driving SR20's for 18 years now. Nothing else sounds quite right, but nothing else sounds as wrong as an EJ-series Subaru engine.

(currently have 2x SR20DE, 1x VQ35, 1xEJ25D and 1 whatever the current Toyota 3.5L is in the driveway/garage).
2011-07-23 22:24:32
Ok guys so the car is in the shop now. It's a broken intake rocker arm on cylinder #4 and the cam lobe is badly chewed up. So those will have to be replaced too.
2011-07-23 22:30:57
i hope the guy that fucked it up is paying for the damage + work
2011-07-23 22:40:35
do you have s3's or s4's? I read this but never posted. I would've thrown a sh*t fit if someone did this to my car. I would demand that he pay for the TOTAL cost of repair. even to replace 1 JWT cam will cost you at least $250 (not sure on price or if you had aftermrket cams)
2011-07-24 02:35:42
if its got dings on it, just take a file to them and remove any rough spots. Again that is if its an aftermarket cam. No need to replace it. Ive thrown and broken tons of rocker arms and cam got dinged. Remove any spots where metal is higher than the rest of the surface with a file and your good to go. The dings will not affect performance.

If its a stock cam then just buy another stock cam for like 30 bucks shipped.
2011-07-24 03:43:05
^^Totally Agree^^ although I would like to see some pics after you drove it all the way home. I'm assuming this was on the intake side as well?? Nothing worse than the sound of exhaust valves not opening and the motor still firing.
2011-07-24 04:12:11
lol yep good thing it was the intake valve. If it was the exhaust rocker you would have had some nasty backfiring back through the intake. Not a pretty sound.
2011-07-24 04:40:40
Here are pics. He won't be helping out with the damage and parts. He continues to believe my car wasn't set up properly to begin with so I'm just over it. It's just an expensive lesson learned.
The cams are S3's and I was advised to replace the cam(s) from the shop so thats the plan. Gives me an excuse to get S4's anyways.

The broken rocker arm. Snapped in two.

The cam lobe. It's really hard to tell in the pic but it's a pretty deep scratch.
2011-07-24 05:05:03
Thats not bad at all. Pretty clean break on the rocker arm too. Usually its much worse. Shatters into a thousand pieces when they catch between the lobe. You can take a file to that cam lobe no problem. My s4 cams have had way way worse. Again even the little scratch isnt going to do anything. The rockers is gonna be pressed by the highest point of the lobe. So what if there are dings. The shop is just trying to cover themselves but that cam can be saved with a simple file. Doesnt look like there is much metal sticking up at all.

Again no need for replacement but if you have the money to upgrade to s4's then why not. You can sell your s3's with those dings after cleaning the burrs up.
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