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Thread: 0-60 question

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2011-07-17 23:40:54
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
dont start with the bs dude.

No problem champ
2011-07-17 23:41:42
no its not just like your car, ve's have variable valve lift an timing, the gay16s only have the timing portion, so while the switch is same you dont get the same "bang"
2011-07-17 23:45:16
Activating VTC with a window switch
2011-07-17 23:46:45
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
no its not just like your car, ve's have variable valve lift an timing, the gay16s only have the timing portion, so while the switch is same you dont get the same "bang"

I know what the ve has and I know what the GA16 has...pat has see my ve and I was reminding him of what the switch does.
2011-07-18 00:27:00
thank you b13sentrase-r. but mine will only advance the timing on the intake cam while yours activates 2 different cam profiles?
2011-07-18 00:44:59
Ugh, its just like any other car with vct or vtec if you will. Even the hondas and most vehicles out there get quite a bit of gain by activating the vtec or VCT earlier than what the factory ecu does. I did this on my brothers svt focus. Its got variable timing on the intake cam as well and yeah stock it activates at like 4800 rpm. I moved it down to 3600 and a very very noticable gain in power and torque starting from that rpm on is present.

The factory ecu doesnt trigger the cam when it does to make the most power it does it for fuel economy and so on. I havent seen a car yet that ive tuned and messed with that hasnt gained power by switching the cam or cams earlier. Pretty common.
2011-07-18 00:51:53
so would this be a good mod? a msd window switch is only 120.
2011-07-18 00:53:01
also, on the ga ecu the timing retards itself in the upp rpm range to drop off power to encourage earlier shiftng, would connecting it to a window switch eliminate this?
2011-07-18 01:02:00
No thats just the powerband of the motor man. A set of cams would help the topend and I think JWT is the only one with a ga16 cam out. The GA again is very tough to make even try to keep up with a stock SR20. I played with the ga16 a long long time ago and it was just not worth the money put into it for so little performance. Back in 98 i used to have an auto nx1600 and even fully bolted on it ran 18.2@76mph, granted if it was manual it would have probably went a 17.2 or so but it was slow as balls and I hated it so I sold it and got an SE-R which I had wanted for a long long time and even with rod knock and running on 3 cylinders when I first got it I took it to the track and ran 16.3@87mph just as it was, then put a jdm motor in it and finished up the bolt ons on it and was in the 14.7 @94mph, then did cams and was 14.3@97mph. Just simple bolt ons. Even turboing yours probably wouldnt keep up with a fully bolted on DE.

I know you want to keep the ga and all but I would highly recommend ditching it if you want to go faster and want more power. Save that 120.00 that you would have spent on a window switch and whatever you wanted to spend on the turbo kit and get yourself an SR setup. The swap is simple and easy, pretty straight forward.
2011-07-18 01:28:59
the thing is, i would really like to stay in the 1.6 class
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