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Thread: 0-60 question

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2011-07-16 22:06:54
0-60 question
what is a good 0-60 time for a b13? i just looked for the first time and im at 10 sec with a full tank, 2 people in the car, and an uphill onramp.
2011-07-17 01:25:33
at 9 seconds im at 78mph, not sure bout 0-60
2011-07-17 01:33:39
man, i feel like a slow poke haha
2011-07-17 01:44:00
get out of the kiddie pool an ditch the gay16
2011-07-17 01:49:58
My b13 does 0-60 in high 6's with mods in my sig. It's that slow ga engine lol

Originally Posted by ga16eats
man, i feel like a slow poke haha

I would if I were you... I got around 9.4 seconds 0-60 in my old eclipse that had ~96 hp and all stock LOL maybe its you as the driver too.. OR fat passengers.
2011-07-17 01:53:00
haha i know i know. the ga16 is weak, slow engine while n/a. but i really like it, and i know that a fully bolted ga might make 130 whp. but its all i got for now so im havin fun with it i hope to run 10 lbs and 16 lbs this year.
2011-07-17 04:18:22
Mine did it somewhere in the 7second range. Ran 10.1 in the eigth mile.
2011-07-17 04:46:29
Stock the SE-R did 7.6 seconds 0-60 or thereabouts. No reason you shouldn't be able to match that.
2011-07-17 04:47:40
playing around with some online calculators suggests mine should be in the 6.5 range
2011-07-17 05:02:11
A stock se-r should be low to mid 7's, a ve should be right about 6.0 or so. My ve se-r was under 6 but it had a lot of weight reduction weighing in at 2080 with the ve in there. I believe mine was closer to about 5.2- 5.5 maybe quicker.

A ga even fully bolted on has no chance at keeping up with even a stock se-r. Even if the GA put down 130whp vs a stock sr20 at 120whp the SR powered car would probably still win if weight was the same and all. Simply for the fact the ga has less torque and a crappy short powerband even with full bolt ons. The SR has about 1000 more rpm of powerband than the GA does and with the extra torque it would still win in the race.
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