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Thread: P11 trans won't go into 2nd gear...

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2011-07-14 02:02:01
P11 trans won't go into 2nd gear...
I'm driving around yesterday and I noticed my car would slip out of 2nd gear under throttle. Later on in the night it wouldn't go into 2nd gear. It's a 2001 P11 trans in a 92 NX. The linkages don't bind, I can get into all the other gears easily. I can downshift into 2nd gear from a higher gear but as soon as I touch the throttle it pops out. I put the car up on jackstands and checked the mounts and all the bolts. Everything seems good. I started the car in the air and got into 2nd gear with no issues at all. I took it for a ride and it won't go into 2nd gear. I'm at the point of selling everything I own SR related and never looking back. I feel like as soon as I fix one thing, another more expensive thing breaks. Help me out guys.
2011-07-14 02:25:33
din have you checked the trans fluid ?
2011-07-14 02:28:49
Redline Heavy Shockproof gear oil. No leaks, I know that's not the issue.
2011-07-14 02:53:23
have you checked the bolts on the rear trans/eng mount and if the stablizer bar is securely bolted
2011-07-14 06:54:56
could be a bent shift fork or worn 2nd gear blocking ring if its none of the little things.
2011-07-14 07:27:05
swap gear stacks.
Its not that hard to do.
2011-07-14 07:43:16
It's my daily driver. I don't have access to another gear stack nor do I know how to swap another one in.
2011-07-14 16:25:53
Theres an how-to in the how-to section.
2011-07-14 16:39:59
Keiths write up in the how to's is very informative. Its really not as hard to do as you think. Its more intimidating than anything else. I just swapped my stacks about a month ago, I was feeling the same way you are. Might be tough to find p11 stacks tho. If you can tho def swap them.
2011-07-14 19:04:01
QG18 gear stacks are the same.
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