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Thread: Why not another group buy on Hypercoils

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2011-07-02 03:20:35
Why not another group buy on Hypercoils
So, I did some figuring, reading the old forum and posts and such. The group buys you did for them are getting old old now. Why not do another group buy for some hypercoils? I would for sure get some and I think you would not have that much trouble getting the minimum order. I am sure they may be even a little more improved than what they were from 10 -6 - 4 years ago. I could not coordinate it but if some mods or others around here want to get one going again, then I would be one of the first buyers. thx

2011 Hypercoil B13 Group Buy Program

1. Jamanrr
2. Isfahan
3. happynole
4. Tearoffguy
6. Andreas Miko
7. tswii
9. BillC
10. SERdiezel
11. TaCvBo
12. TrackJunky82
14. hawaiiaNX
15.Shawn B
16. lothar863

************* ALRIGHT SO WE ARE ALMOST HALFWAY THERE. I would like to get at least 20+ people off this forum to comment to buying them and then I think we will have no problem hitting the minimum order number. cool, thanks.
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2011-07-02 04:12:31
That would be Chriscar who has always organized it. Every few years, after some people clamor for them, he puts it together again. But it always falls well short of the minimum number needed. If I had the money I would buy several sets in the next group buy and hold onto them as they are like gold. But I doubt the interest exists for the 30 or so sets (for one generation of B-chassis). I wish there were!
2011-07-02 04:31:45
well that is 2 right there, how about others?
2011-07-02 04:37:12
Why not go with road magnets, they are readily available.
2011-07-02 04:38:05
not gonna happen.
2011-07-02 04:43:02
Starting this thread is a good idea. All you have to do is to get 30 people with money in hand and then call Chris. I'm pretty sure if you don't bring the numbers to the table, it isn't worth his time as he has been let down at least twice that I know of. 5 or 6 people put up money each time and that's it. I know because I was 1 of them twice.
2011-07-02 04:47:03
roadmagnets ftw!

honestly my friend has some hyperco gen2's an i like my rm's better.. less bouncy
2011-07-02 04:51:55
i'm actually really happy with mine....i think you're car is more bouncy than mine josh
2011-07-02 04:55:03
actually your cars not as bouncy as seans for some reason.. as far as my car goes you've road in it like once?? with the rm's lol
2011-07-02 05:02:34
Hypercoils are progressive and Road Magnets are linear.

I prefer progressive springs but to each their own.

There will probably never be enough to have another group buy because you need 50. Get 50 people, message Chris Scarpulla and get it done.
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