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Thread: Why not another group buy on Hypercoils

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2011-07-02 14:24:02
seems like the opinions on this matter are inconclusive in so many ways because half the answers in here are just opinions...

sometimes opinions can be worthless if you ask me.

on the other hand I have 2 Nx's with 1 riding on KYB AGX/Hyperco gen II's and the 2nd riding on KYB AGX/Roadmagnets

Best of both worlds

the hyperco's are the Cadillac ride and the roadmagnets are the corvette ride

(1 is very comfortable, 1 is more on the stiff side) both are great!

I'm down with grabbing a 2nd set of Hypercoils if another group buy comes up! even if they sit around waiting for a chassis to installed on
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2011-07-02 15:09:12
so a quick list of those interested or potentially interested are

1. Jamanrr
2. Isfahan
3. happynole
4. Tearoffguy
6. Andreas Miko
7. whos next??????

who next??? I will post some of these on the other forums if we can get 10-15 people here. 10-15 people in other forums then we have all we need.
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2011-07-02 15:24:34
sad to say it's gonna take a lot more than 10-15,, I think they have a requirement of 50 paid up front before starting production
2011-07-02 15:25:00
Count me in, we were talking about trying to get another gb together, a few of us TX guys. I know of like 3 other people who would be in.
2011-07-02 15:51:59
Originally Posted by Tearoffguy
sad to say it's gonna take a lot more than 10-15,, I think they have a requirement of 50 paid up front before starting production

It will not be that difficult once we get I say 15-20 people here, I then go to Northwest Nissan, Zilvia, Freshalloy, Nissanforums, et al. and then pick up 10-15 each site and that would be the 50 we need. It is a lot simpler than you all are making it out to be. I say we need 70-80 people interested then 40 -50 people to actually pay and we will be good.
2011-07-02 16:00:13
no offense but I can tell you have never been through a Hyperco group buy before,,,

I have and it is very difficult to get the 50 prepaid.... 4 out of 10 back out at the last minute every time... life can be hard for some so they have to prioritise there wants over needs which will cause a big delay on this kind of group buy.. just a note the last group buy took about a year to receive the springs after production started

just saying

like I said I'm in!
2011-07-02 16:02:28
I will gladly take a set of these, so you can put me on the list
2011-07-02 17:13:51
Ok, I just sent an email to Hypercoil about a group buy possibility. Waiting to hear back. If this is a go what dimensions do we need for our cars? Length, Width, and spring rates?
2011-07-02 17:46:42
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
roadmagnets ftw!

honestly my friend has some hyperco gen2's an i like my rm's better.. less bouncy

Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
actually your cars not as bouncy as seans for some reason.. as far as my car goes you've road in it like once?? with the rm's lol

bouncyness has nothing at all to do with springs and everything to do with rebound damping.
2011-07-02 22:11:38
well when your a fatty like me you would prefer to not have your moobs bouncing up an down lol

maybe my friends agx's are set to stiff i dont know..
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