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Thread: Why not another group buy on Hypercoils

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2011-07-12 22:41:55
count me in.

regretted selling mine as soon as they left my hands.

i don't even own an NX anymore...but i know i will someday.

aka hawaiiaNX
2011-07-12 22:43:44
i am pretty sure i read through all 6 pages but i can't remember seeing any ballpark prices.

i will look again but does anyone know off hand?
2011-07-12 22:44:44
Originally Posted by jamanrr
updated list 13 commented so far. How many concrete people would you need before we can get this ordered?

I think it was 50 in the past
2011-07-12 22:56:50
Someone said the last ones were around 330. Would def like to know how much they will be this time around.
2011-07-13 00:01:46
updated 14
2011-07-13 01:04:03
Originally Posted by jamanrr
updated 14

About half way there and if history is any indicator... ahead of schedule.
2011-07-13 01:17:43
Originally Posted by Shawn
Nevertheless, Jamanrr you can put me down on the GB for one (1) more set.

Originally Posted by jamanrr
updated 14

Missed me sir. Make that a current 15.

And I may have missed it, but has this "GB Interest Thread" been posted on SR20Forum?

SR20 Forum - The essential resource for all things Nissan SR20 on the Web - http://www.sr20forum.com

Chriscar can fill you in on any rules to follow over yonder. I *think* you can post a "GB Interest Thread" in the General section with no issues.
2011-07-13 01:19:54
bumpith to the fifteenth
2011-07-13 01:29:23
Ok cool I'm on the list. I bought a set in a group buy years ago. These are great springs just some knowledge for the guys who don't have a set.
2011-07-13 12:25:55
Don't worry guys, I'm keeping an eye on this and will post details as they come in.

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