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Thread: hesitation?

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2011-06-12 00:18:22
Whenever I floor it the car gets the power then the power drops then it gets the power and keeps it.. All that happens within like 1/4th a second... I know the clutch is slipping but I don't think its that... I've cleaned the throttle body, cleaned the air filter and changed the fuel filter.. What do you guys think?
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2011-06-12 01:02:42
Why dont you think the clutch slipping is the source of the issue?
2011-06-12 01:05:32
Because it only slips on fast shifts and its not a slipping feeling. It gets power (front of car lifts up) then looses it then gains it back up again.
2011-06-15 06:02:56
2011-06-15 06:50:42
when it loses power do the RPM's go up faster or slower?
2011-06-15 11:03:46
When it looses power its like it bogs down type of thing
2011-06-15 13:25:10
Have you changed your fuel filter recently? How are your plugs and wires? is your timing right?
2011-06-15 13:37:58
Originally Posted by Mike22487
Have you changed your fuel filter recently? How are your plugs and wires? is your timing right?

I checked the timing and its good, there's a little bit of oil on the plugs but thats from the valve cover gasket (no oil on the electrode). The air filter is clean and the fuel filter was changed not too long ago. I think I'll have to try out my wires with a ohm meter and get back with that.
2011-06-15 15:07:58
could be a fuel pump on it's way out or something else in the fuel system. a drop in fuel pressure when you 'gun' it would cause a moment of hesitation before the pump is able to pick up the slack.
2011-06-15 15:58:35
SR20DE Tuneup and Troubleshooting Guide: Tune-up Checklist

what rpms we talking about here? plugged egr?
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