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Thread: MAF screens?

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2011-05-28 21:52:11
MAF screens?
How many of you have just taken them out? I blew one out yesterday lol, so I plan on just removing the other one when I get a chance.
2011-05-28 22:00:16
I kinda need mine because I don't always run a filter on my turbo.
2011-05-28 22:48:41
I had planned on running mine like that at times just to see how it did. Now I don't have a choice lol. The screen it blew out was the outer one.
2011-05-29 01:39:49
I thought they smoothed out the air for smoother readings?
2011-05-29 02:38:41
They do. In draw through i would leave it in but for the boosted guys running blow through setups you can take it out and i would recommend that as well. Dont need it breaking off and going into your motor. I took the screen off my z32 maf when i had it setup in blowthrough and no problems from it at all.
2011-05-29 13:22:41
my frt one is gone but i still have the rear one on my n60. i cut it off to be able to put the coupler right on instead of a adapter.
2011-05-29 13:33:28
The screens are in fact there for smoothing the airflow across the pickup. Removing them will make it a bit more difficult to tune just right, depending on the MAF location.
2011-05-29 15:45:58
Well I have no choice now on the outer one, as it blew out and into my filter. It's just a ball of messed up wire now lol. The inner one is still there, but it's behind the sensor so I don't see how it could "smooth" anything.
2011-05-30 02:51:54
Nitrous backfire?

How did your runs go from the other day?
2011-05-30 05:39:33
Yeah it was a nitrous backfire. I was making a "test run" and somehow the damn ignition wire came completely undone when I went from first to second. Result was a LOUD boom!!! Went to the track friday night and did fine. Ran 7.9's at 86mph. I'm well aware that it ran slower than usual due to the timing being retarded more than usual. I just have to decide whether or not to mess with the tune, and keep running the 100 shot, or try the 150 shot again and iron that out lol.
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