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Thread: a little problem starting

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2008-03-16 05:55:17
a little problem starting
since i just got my car back, ive been having a little trouble starting. i have to turn the key a couple of times for it to come on. i replaced the ignition switch about a year ago. im wondering what could be the problem. fuses seem fine. do i have to check the starter to see if the connections are in tact? or could it be the engine control fuse located in the bigger fuse box in engine bay?
2008-03-16 15:31:40
It could be the starter either not fully connected or the starter solenoid is going bad, in which case you'd just replace the starter.

Originally Posted by tonysx
fuses seem fine.

Originally Posted by tonysx
or could it be the engine control fuse located in the bigger fuse box in engine bay?

It could be a fuse, but if the "fuses seem fine" but you haven't checked, you'd better start there. It could also be the fusible link for the engine control system.

Check the easy stuff here first (i.e. fuses, connections) and get back to us with some info on the car as well. It will help us know exactly where to point you.
2008-03-16 15:38:11
Well, fuses normally aren't "in the middle" Either they're blown, or they're good. If you just have to turn the key a few times to get it to crank, before it does, it's likely not fuse. Signs are pointing to the starter right now, IMO.
2008-03-16 15:42:42
yea im going to pin point. for example i have an msd 6a ignition w/ss blaster coil. could that interfer with the start up?
2008-03-16 16:35:16
Is the MSD properly grounded? I'm not sure how they are, but do they have to be externally grounded?
2008-03-16 17:23:17
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
Is the MSD properly grounded? I'm not sure how they are, but do they have to be externally grounded?

its grounded in a good spot.
2008-03-16 17:24:19
I had the same thing happen to me a yr ago,, sometimes it would start and some it would'nt do anything, I checked everything even put a new starter in,

in my case it turned out the battery had a cell going bad in it, but it never showed up, everytime I had it checked out it was holding a charge(enough volts to start a car) at the time.. but the next morning it would'nt start, bought a redtop and no problems since..

seemed weird but I'm totally convinced that the battery was my issue. I have'nt had any probs ,,,,unrelated of course,, dang tranny work in progress

good luck
2008-03-17 01:32:04
i highly doubt its the battery. i just got a new 1 back in november. its an energizer battery. im thinking if its also the solenoid on the starter as well.
2008-03-17 03:26:34
Like Tek said, fuses are either good or bad, no in-between. If you've gotten it to start after a few tries, you need a new starter, plain and simple. The starter solenoid is built-in so it's really not feasible to just replace the solenoid.

I too doubt it's the battery. It's the starter.
2008-03-17 05:15:19
take it to sears auto center they could do a battery test for you and it will also test starting/charging.......if it shows issues with the starter then most likely its your starter which is giving out.....but yeah take it there(i work at one) if the results come out to show good battery then it means the starter is coming back good....

they might have the same hand held tester as we have at the sears i work at.....which will require them to turn on the car to accelerate the engine/rpms (1500ish) and at the end it they should print out the results showing the details on the starting volts and such.....with that info I'm sure you can look up around here or some where what the starting volts you should be getting out of it (if it was good)

I hope this info helps you out.let us know it goes if you end up taking a ride up there
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